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Steve LaTourette Spends On Health Care, Then Opposes Spending On Health Care

U.S. Steve LaTourette has announced that he is going to vote against health care reform. Why? He says it’s just too expensive. “It was scored by the Congressional Budget Office, and it’s projected to cost 1.6 trillion dollars over ten years,” LaTourette complains.

steve latourette1.6 trillion dollars? Why, that’s, um… just 160 billion dollars per year, for a powerful improvement of the health care system in the United States, saving Americans a lot of money on health care expenses and enabling them to keep in good physical condition, while protecting the fiscal stability of private business and government alike. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

That 160 billion dollars is just 25.1 percent of 2009 military spending, and Congressman LaTourette already voted earlier this year to significantly increase military spending in 2010. LaTourette even voted to add funding to the military budget for projects that the military itself says it doesn’t want.

Why is LaTourette so willing to throw huge amounts of money into wasteful military spending, while he won’t even supporting spending a fraction of that money on health care?

To be honest, it isn’t really accurate to say that Congressman LaTourette won’t support spending government money on health care. He does – but only if that spending takes place in his own congressional district. Just three weeks before he held a town hall meeting blasting comprehensive health care reform legislation for costing too much money, LaTourette announced seven earmarks he had slipped into other legislation, ensuring federal government spending for health care projects to benefit his constituents and make him look good to voters in his district.

The truth is that Steve LaTourette has no problem with big federal government spending on health care, just so long as all the money goes to the 14th congressional district in Ohio.

2 thoughts on “Steve LaTourette Spends On Health Care, Then Opposes Spending On Health Care”

  1. Tom says:

    This guy and Lieberman are so typical of “our” representatives – quick to spend on bombs and guns, but when it comes to allowing the spending of our money on something that’s beneficial, fuggetabotit.

    So what are we up to now, about 15 or so examples of why our government isn’t working for us? How many more do we need to abolish modern corporate-based politics and go back to the Constitution?

  2. Ann says:

    I was present at one of his “town halls”- he claimed he had spoken to over 2000 people in the few days he had his “town halls”. Suffice it to say- that number is painfully low to the real number of people he is supposed to represent. I don’t know why I expected any different than the double talk received. I left with the same thought process I have had for some time. We need to have set term limits for all Congress members – as after awhile they seem to forget who they really represent, US- not the lobbyists and the Big Businesses they represent. And I certainly do not understand him justifying spending more on an illegal occupation of Iraq, that was based on lies. When I look at his voting record, he tends to send out very mixed messages.

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