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Sellit ADPAK Test: 9 Clickthroughs in 5 Days, $10.55 in the Hole

For 30 days, we are testing the Sellit ADPAK, a $14.99/month advertising program that places a widget advertising our health care reform bumper stickers on various websites. There are two standards by which we will measure results over the 30 days:

1. Sellit’s described click-through rate. Sellit describes two outcomes of advertising through their service, one with 2.3% of viewers heading on to the target web page — a 2.3% “click-through rate” — and another outcome with a 2.8% click-through rate. Will we achieve such results?

2. Making back the $14.99 we spent. If we don’t make back the $14.99 monthly fee we spent on Sellit advertisements, then Sellit will have been a waste of money. If we make more than $14.99 over the month, then the effort (with hardly any effort expended on our part) will have been fruitful.

Here are our results five days into the test:

5 days.
9 visitors.
0.4% click-through rate.
47 pageviews.
2 purchases.
$4.44 profit.
$14.99 spent.
$10.55 lost.

If we continue at this rate, we’ll profit $11.65 from the venture.

I’ll continue to share our results with you as the month progresses.

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