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Anti-War Protests Continue, Uncovered

The word from Iraq and Afghanistan continues to get worse. Big bombs are going off in both countries, as it’s become clear that no military surge can bring lasting peace.

War hasn’t worked. Radical militants are stronger in Iraq now than they were before. In Afghanistan, a corrupt Islamic theocratic government fights against brutal Islamic theocratic insurgents.

Given these disasters, where are the anti-war protests here in the United States, to speak out against the policies that prolong the failed military campaigns in these countries?

Many partisan organizations on the Democratic side have pulled out of anti-war activism, merely because they don’t want to be seen as criticizing Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress. However, other, more principled anti-war organizations continue to protest. You just aren’t likely to read about their efforts, as the anti-war message has fallen loose from the mainstream political narrative.

Down in Ithaca New York, the other day, I came across a group of about 20 anti-war protesters holding signs alongside a busy street. I joined them, holding a sign than simply read “No War”. Cars passing by honked their horns in support, and a few angry people gave us the finger.

No newspaper covered the event. Not even any blogs, until now, wrote about the demonstration. Though the media mojo has moved on to protesters who are demanding that they not be given better access to health care, this protest for peace still made at least a local impression.

2 thoughts on “Anti-War Protests Continue, Uncovered”

  1. qs says:

    Camp Casey moves to protest the overseas contingency operation, which is the new name for the War on Terror.

    Scott Horton interviews Cindy Sheehan about her protests going on at Martha’s Vineyard, which is where Obama is vacationing.

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