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Afghanistan Discussistan

On Friday, U.S. Senator Russ Feingold had this to say about the continuing U.S. war in Afghanistan:

“I am saddened by reports that for the second consecutive month, we’ve seen a record number of deaths of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. This grim milestone comes ahead of a potential request for even more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. The current troop increase in Afghanistan could push members of the Taliban and other militants into Pakistan, further destabilizing a nuclear power. After nearly eight years in Afghanistan, we continue to risk further loss of American lives and increased resentment among the Afghan people – all without a clearly focused mission. It is time we discuss a flexible timetable for withdrawing our forces from Afghanistan, along with a clear public strategy for achieving our counterterrorism and regional stability goals.”

What do you think? Is Feingold right? What is the next best course for the American military in Afghanistan?

2 thoughts on “Afghanistan Discussistan”

  1. qs says:

    Defund it.

  2. ReMarker says:

    I think America should be tunnel visioned.

    Name the perpetrators wanted for attacking America on 9/11 and articulate a strategy for getting them and DO IT!!!

    If the perpetrators are in Afganistan, then make arrangements with Afganistan to hand them over (which I think has been unsuccessfully tried) or get out of the way because we will get them ourselves (I think that is the current strategy).

    It seems, at this time in Afganistan, the Taliban is protecting bin Laden and the boys, thus the Afganistan War.

    I believe if the Bushys had persued bin Laden appropriately, 1. We would not have been in Iraq and 2. We would probably have bin Laden by now.

    I don’t know if Feingold is leaning in the correct direction. I don’t know what America, the country, should do.

    I do know if I was deciding, I would get our troops out of Afganistan and activate a covert strategy to get bin Laden and the boys one way or the other. During the withdrawal time, the GOP would surely call me a coward, BUT so what. If the Obama Administration did it my way then the Democrats may lose seats in the next election, and that is not good. I believe the Bushys planned it the way it is, for political purposes, and they sure have the Obama Admistration in a crack.

    Fyi, I don’t necessarily believe killing is a good option but there are cases, ie. Hitler, where killing is the best solution. In bin Laden’s case, imo the sooner he gets his virgins the better.

    Btw, why would someone want to have a bunch of virgins anyway? Dealing with inexperience can be a real pain.

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