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Blackwater / XE Services Told Foreigners What Congress Didn't Know

Ten days ago, word of a secret Bush Administration program in the CIA to contract out illegal assassinations to North Carolina mercenary company Blackwater USA (now known as Xe Services) leaked out of the Obama Administration.

This morning, more information about that criminal conspiracy has leaked out. It seems that Blackwater planned to subcontract out pieces of the assassination plot to foreign mercenaries and agents.

The program was kept secret from Congress. The program is still kept a a classified secret from the American people. Yet, Blackwater and the CIA saw no problem with telling foreign mercenaries about it.

The justification for this was that “you wouldn’t want to have American fingerprints on it,” – “it” being the assassination plot, because assassination is a crime. The CIA knew it was a crime. Blackwater knew it was a crime.

Why aren’t the people involved in this criminal conspiracy being ordered to appear before open, public investigations by Congress? Why aren’t they being arrested and arraigned?

Why does the program remain classified, if it really has been terminated? Why do we have to rely upon anonymous government sources to tell us the version of events they want to tell us? What other criminal conspiracies has the CIA decided to keep secret from us?

When there are crimes this serious in high offices of the federal government, and perhaps in the White House itself, the American people deserve to know the whole truth, and the perpetrators deserve to be brought to justice.

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3 thoughts on “Blackwater / XE Services Told Foreigners What Congress Didn't Know”

  1. ReMarker says:

    All excellent and pertinent questions jc. My belief is the wheels of our judiciary and legistature are turning, regarding yours and my concerns on those matters. Slowly to be sure, but deliberately just the same.

    Getting proof beyond a reasonable doubt must be the benchmark that is attained if we (Americans) are going to be able to “Hang em High” (figuratively ofc.).

  2. Hanyou says:

    first off do you realy know anything about this criminal conspiricy or are you just posting out thiongs that have been told to the press by people claiming to know things that they realy dont. second of if this is a cospiricy for assasination the government would not have released it to the publick under any cercomstances

  3. Robrob says:

    The concept of the government sub-contracting covert opns to Blackwater is disturbing enough but the idea Blackwater wouuld then sub-sub-contract these mattters of national security to foreign agents is insane. Eventually we are going to have minimum wage high scchool kids doinng our covert opns?

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