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Organizing For America Expiring

It’s a sad little example of what’s happened on a larger scale to the once-apparently unstoppable energy of the Obama for America network. The group, now called Organizing for America, has had to expire its program of bumper sticker distribution in support of health care reform, because it couldn’t summon the resources to keep it going.

organizing for america expiredOrganizing for Health Care expired?

Grassroots activism in support of meaningful health care reform continues, even if Obama’s supporters can no longer facilitate it. When it comes to bumper stickers, we’ve still got our health care bumper stickers available, but besides us, there are groups like:

Guaranteed Healthcare
Single Payer New York
Healthcare Now
Single Payer Action
Unions for Single Payer Health Care
Physicians for a National Health Care Program

2 thoughts on “Organizing For America Expiring”

  1. qs says:

    All reasonable parts of the Democrat agenda such as repealing defense of marriage, war crimes trials, ending the wars and ending the war on terror, shrinking the military, etc, have been cast aside because Obama wants “National Unity” in order to pass new government power expansions with the Obamacare program. He doesn’t want to anger any republicans because he wants everyone to vote for bigger government.

    Holder at least is pretending though.

  2. Tom says:

    Just like his (actually Bush’s and the Fed’s) economic policies (bailouts of TBTF banks, support of everything Wall Street) these continuations of bad ideas will be his undoing. i had such hope for this guy, but it’s fading.

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