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Do They Remember Goliad?

Yesterday, somewhere between one hundred and two hundred Texans gathered in Austin, demanding independence from the United States of America. Among those attending the rally organized by the Texas Nationalist Movement were two women carrying a sign decorated with a red arm, reading “Remember Goliad and the 400 massacred Texans. I’d rather sever my right arm than continue to live under a Washington Dictator.”

remember goliadRemember Goliad? Do they remember Goliad?

In the Goliad massacre of 1836, something like 350 Texans were massacred, not 400. They weren’t killed by anyone in Washington D.C. either, but by the Mexican military. There isn’t much link to a call for Texan independence from the United States in 2009 and an atrocity committed by Mexico 173 years ago.

Remember Goliad, if you want to, but please remember it correctly.

One thought on “Do They Remember Goliad?”

  1. ReMarker says:

    Those people have been smoking to much Tex-Mex.

    Maybe it’s time for Americans to steal a phrase from the Viet Nam war mongers of yesteryear. “USA – Love It or Leave It”.

    You Texas Longhorns, Red Raiders, and Aggies get rid of the crazys running and representing your fine state and then take care of important business like meeting the Gators in Pasadena, January 7, 2010.

    If you are not a Gator, you are Gator bait!!!

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