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Maine Marriage Group Solicits Actors for Anti-Gay Ad: Whites Only, Please!

This spring, Maine passed a law declaring marriage equality for same-sex and different-sex couples. This fall, Maine voters will take to the polls to respond to Ballot Resolution 1, which would make same-sex marriage illegal in the state.

We learned last week that, the group Stand for Marriage Maine has been unable to find any actual waitresses or teachers willing to explain why they want to restrict marriage equality in Maine. So instead, the anti-gay group is holding auditions today for actors willing to pretend to be a “working waitress type” or a “teacher type” and read a script against marriage equality in Maine for a television advertisement.

This morning, a tip of the pen goes to Good as You for finding this Portland Craigslist casting call:

(Portland) Casting ‘Real Maine’ People. (portland, Maine)

Date: 2009-08-27, 3:17PM EDT
Reply to:

Looking to audition 40 people per role.

(Portland) Casting two caucasian female roles 35-45 yrs old with MAINE ACCENTS (this job is non-union but pays union scale for 3 days (Sept. 8,9,10,).

Must be comfortable being on camera and learning lines.

Characters to play:
Teacher: 35-45 Speaking Role – talks directly to the camera, well spoken,Caucasian, ‘Maine middle-class’ accent, earnest, compassionate, trustworth
Waitress: 35-45 Speaking Role, talks directly to the camera, caucasian, convincing, ‘real person’, ‘working class’ Maine accent.

Email for more information Open Auditions Sept 2nd in Maine. Call Backs Sept 3rd. Second Auditions per call backs Sept. 4th. Thank you!

Location: portland, Maine
it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Compensation: SAG Scale
PostingID: 1345453637 is the e-mail for the man identified as the auditioner for the anti-equality ad, James Stiles of New England Casting.

Did you catch the audition requirements for those who want to play the “teacher” character and the “waitress” character?

You’ve got to be “convincing,” Caucasian, a “real person,” Caucasian, “well spoken,” Caucasian, “trustworthy,” Caucasian, “Maine middle class,” Caucasian, “Real Maine,” Caucasian.

Don’t even bother showing up to the audition if your skin is yellow or red or brown. Whites Only Need Apply, please.

Best of luck to Stand for Marriage Maine in explaining that, golly and wool socks, their campaign isn’t at all about exclusion or prejudice.

Best of luck to Stand for Marriage Maine in explaining why you’re not “Real Maine” if you’re not White.

8 thoughts on “Maine Marriage Group Solicits Actors for Anti-Gay Ad: Whites Only, Please!”

  1. Mother Davis says:

    It looks like the opponents of marriage equality think that only caucasians are “real people”.

  2. Tom says:

    Just like in those ads where the guy with the lab coat and stethoscope, who LOOKS LIKE a doctor hawking some quack medicine with such conviction, is just some dude from central casting making scale. Anything to make you buy the product – is the motto of ad people.

    “Hey, it’s a living.”

  3. ReMarker says:

    Here is a link to a “No on #1” advertisment on YouTube (link )that is

    posted in this article on The Huffington Post.

  4. Michelle says:

    Is it naughty to sign him up to gay p o r n sites?

  5. Paul H says:

    The ad only proves what I’ve known all along — as a straight black man.

    White gay people — for all their mimicking (using) the black struggle and the black civil rights movement to validate their own “struggle” against discrimination — can be and often ARE just as racist as their straight counterparts.

    Which is why I resent the attempt to pair my struggle with theirs. And just for the record, I’m not homophobic, nor do I care if a “gay” person is living or working next door. That’s between them and their God…

    What I do care about is the kind of hypocrisy that would demand one be recognized as a full “human being” while encouraging the oppression and dehumanization of another human being aka…

    “a “real person,” Caucasian, “well spoken,” Caucasian, “trustworthy,” Caucasian, “Maine middle class” as though these traits only belong to white people.

    1. Jim says:

      You completely misread this article.

      It’s the ANTI-GAY organization in Maine that solicited Whites Only for their ad.

      Stand for Marriage Maine is an ANTI-GAY organization.

  6. Paul H says:


    I certainly did misread the article. I will be more careful in the future.

    Thanks for straightening me out,and I apologize to all who read or were offended by my reply.


  7. Doug says:

    I know this is several months late, but…

    Maine historically has had the lowest percentage population of non-whites in the country. Northern New England states are generally the three lowest. So it makes sense to cast a caucasian, especially with the caveat of Maine Accent.

    I am not Anti-Gay or Anti-black, I am against special rights for gays, blacks, etc. We all should have equal rights, for we are all equals in society. To paraphrase the old saying, One person, one vote.

    I also am against the way you portrayed this gentleman’s ad as emphasizing the word “caucasian” as you did. You state it six times mixed in with other adjectives. In the ad, “caucasian” is mentioned three times, once in the general description of what he wanted, and once for each of the specific parts. If anything, the person was emphasizing they wanted “real” people for the auditions. People who could be your neighbor, not a plastic barbie from Hollywood.

    As far as being a legitimate ad, this was one. As far as what they stand for, that is what I cannot stomach.

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