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Sellit ADPAK After 12 Days: 24 Clickthroughs, 4 Orders, $7.07 in the Hole

For 12 days now, we’ve been reviewing an advertising service called Sellit by using it, paying $14.99 for 15,000 advertising “views” of a widget featuring our healthcare reform buttons, bumper stickers and t-shirts. Healthcare policy is the hottest topic of the day in the news, and Sellit has designed the widget itself, making this a fair test of the “ADPAK” for other potential users.

We’re 12 days into the test, and here’s are our Sellit ADPAK results:

12 days.
24 visitors.
0.4% click-through rate (24/(500 visitors/day*12 days).
89 pageviews.
4 purchases.
$7.92 profit.
$14.99 spent.
$7.07 net loss.

At this rate, we’ll make $4.81 profit for the month. That is a profit, but it’s a pretty meager one.

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