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A Weed You’d Want to Plant

This afternoon, I’ve spent an hour or so pulling Bishop’s Weed from the beds around the house I moved into earlier this summer. Well, of course I’m pulling it out, I think to myself. It’s invasive and it chokes out any other plant that can’t quickly grow taller than it. But for some people, that kind of growth might characterize a really nice “ground cover.”

Some other people say that a weed is only a plant where a person doesn’t want it. But even if weeds are weeds only in our perception of them, once we call a weed a weed the label seems to stick. I can’t think of a plant with the word “Weed” as part of its name that people like to plant. Can you?

4 comments to A Weed You’d Want to Plant

  • I sure can. Milkweed. Joe Pye Weed too.

  • Jim

    OK, you got me with Joe Pye Weed. But people like to plant milkweed, really? Not just let it grow, but plant it? I had no idea.

  • Yes, there are cultivated varieties of milkweed for sale. Go on and look it up, fella.

    Also, some people like to plant locoweed, for its hallucinogenic properties, as well as general Weed for something like the same reason.

  • Jacob

    We didnt plant it but we have about a half of an acre in our backyard that we have let nature “reclaim”. It is nothing but weeds and I have no idea what names they have but I do know that many of them are beautiful. I am suprised by how many flowering ‘weeds’ there are out there. Some are several feet high and have white flowers and others have blue flowers. We have some leaves with great colors. (My wife did mention that some might be real flowers that have had seeds blown or pooped intot he area, I guess that is possible. Either way, its one of the prettiest parts of our yard)

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