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Sellit Doesn't Expect Much from its own Widget. Should it?

Sellit Survey on August 2009 salesFor two weeks now, I’ve been reviewing the advertising service called Sellit ADPAK by using it and reporting the results. With two weeks of service left to go, I’ve only had 4 sales from the ADPAK, not yet enough to make back Sellit’s $14.99 fee.

Sellit just sent me a survey by e-mail suggesting that the company itself doesn’t expect much more. As you can see for yourself over to the right, the median response for reporting sales in a month is, yep, “4 sales.” Their highest category of sales in a month from using the widget is “16 sales or more;” if a person makes a dollar or two in profit off each sale, even this highest level of sales isn’t really transformative.

In my experience, the Sellit ADPAK isn’t turning out to be a magic solution to resolve business woes. It doesn’t look like Sellit expects its product to be transformative, either.

Zooming out from this particular example to the broader area of online advertising, I wonder whether there is any online advertising tool that has been shown to drastically boost profits. One of the great things about the Internet is its ability to give people broad access to media, huge media conglomerates like The New York Times and small information outlets too. If people are looking for something and they know how to look, it doesn’t matter so much whether the source is a megacorporation or a small business. This is why Irregular Times doesn’t typically advertise anywhere. Instead, we write about the things we’re interested in, people read our writing if they’re interested, and if along the way someone wants to pick up a sticker or button featuring a message we believe in, then bully for them and income for us. Because people take charge of their Internet experience, my suspicion is that attempts to follow “old media” practices through advertising on the internet will have a small impact.

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