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Whose Hands Do You Want On Your Health Care?

So the young kid you see here in this photograph of a rally against health care reform wants someone’s hands kept off his health care. I wonder, does he know what kind of medical insurance he has, or how his health care provider gets the money it needs to stay in business?

hands off my health careWJBF, the Georgia television station that provided this picture, didn’t report on what the kid actually thought on his own about health care reform. He knew enough to hold up that “Hands Off My Health Care” sign, though.

And who gave him that guidance? Squint and look in the corner of the sign, and you’ll see that it was manufactured by an organization called Americans for Prosperity. Who’s that? A grassroots organization in the city of Augusta, where the rally was held? Hardly.

Americans for Prosperity is a big, corprorate-funded organization that specializes in the creation of astroturf (fake grassroots) campaigns to serve the corporate interests. It’s worked on behalf of tobacco companies, for example, to fight against outdoor bans of smoking.

Now, Americans for Prosperity is moving its astroturf operations in order to oppose health care reform, on behalf of… who exactly? That’s a mystery, because Americans for Prosperity refuses to reveal exactly which corporations are funding its anti-reform activities.

The President of Americans for Prosperity is Tim Phillips, who previously worked at Century Strategies, a company that helped lobbyist Jack Abramoff launder money to bribe legislators with.

Are these the people whose hands this kid wants on his health care – or does he think that just having the insurance companies’ hands on his health care is good enough?

3 thoughts on “Whose Hands Do You Want On Your Health Care?”

  1. Jim says:

    Nice catch. And who exactly is laying hands on his health care to take it away? Nobody. None of the health care reform proposals currently being considered would take away anybody’s private healthcare insurance. So not only is this kid being used as a fake-grassroots puppet for secretive corporate interests, he’s being used as a fake-grassroots puppet for lying secretive corporate interests.

  2. Tom says:

    AND he’s putting his own future health care interest in jeopardy without even knowing it!

  3. randy ray haugen says:

    how can these people be so gullible? and to think they are teaching their children to hate, using their children to cultivate hate, never knowing the lies coming from the mouths of babes has been put there by someone who has to hide from the light of day as to not be shown for what they truly are, greedy bastards who don’t give a shit about little billy’s health, only about the unwarranted profits they reap by denying healthcare.
    what i want to know is what plan do they have that is so good? premiums, co-pays and deductables are so high that for many it would be cheaper to pay directly out of pocket each time they need a doctor. the only time insurance can be of any service is when something catastrophic happens and then they find a way to deny or limit coverage.
    these naysayers have no clue about there own policies if they think they’re getting the best deal. if their plan is so good then they need not worry about public option because no one will opt for a plan that costs more and gives less. if the option costs less and gives more then those who have to worry are not the patients or the doctors, but, the for-profit-only insurance providers.

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