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ELF Enters Middle Age: Property Values?

I’m detecting some aging and message drift in the ELF’s latest act of what used to be called eco-terrorism. I say “used to be called” because you can’t really call it eco-terrorism any more. The ELF fired up a gas-guzzling trackhoe and knocked down some radio towers in Snohomish, Washington, a town where a three-bedroom home can be yours for only $995,000. The reason? ELF decided that the townspeople “do not need additional sports news radio station towers that come at the expense of reduced property values and harmful radio waves.”

Wha? Back up there. Did I read that right, “Earth Liberation Front”? You’re using truckhoes to knock down radio towers because you don’t like “sports news” and you’re worried about “reduced property values”?

What’s next, ELF? Ripping up the skateboard of the kid down the street because he won’t stay off your lawn? Busting in the window of the local Denny’s when they stop offering Senior Specials?

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