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They Took Jesus Out of the Eighth Amendment!

This morning, “jeff” of Whitehall, Ohio wrote in to defend the city’s practice of putting exclusively Christian religious symbols up on city streets and in front of city hall. Jeff huffs,

What will you want next, references to the “Creator” removed from the constitution?

When I went to read the U.S. Constitution this morning, I could not find anything about the “Creator” in it. “God” is also not in the Constitution. “Jesus” is also conspicuously missing, as are “Satan,” the “Virgin Mary,” “St. Francis of Assisi,” and the “Trinity.”

Who took them out? Where did they go? This is a scandal, I tell you! A scandal!

Hey, wait a minute. Barack Obama is President of the United States. “Creator” isn’t in the Constitution. Coincidence? Just think about it.

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