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Obama Attacks Ribbon Seals

When Barack Obama promised change last year, is this the kind of change that you thought he would deliver: A federal government authorization to an oil company to harass arctic seals threatened by global warming?

ribbon sealThe That’s exactly what’s happened this summer. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, led by Obama appointee Jane Lubchenco, has given official permission to Shell Offshore to target ribbon seals that it perceives as interfering with its offshore drilling for fossil fuels.

It’s bad enough that the ribbon seals have been refused protection under the Endangered Species Act. Do we really need the Obama Administration to help Big Oil chase ribbon seals off of the dwindling Arctic ice floes?

The Center for Biological Diversity has filed a lawsuit to force the Obama Administration to provide protections for the ribbon seals, rather than permissions to Shell Oil. Biologist Shaye Wolf, who works at the center, says of Obama, “There may be a new captain at the helm, but the federal government is still steering wildlife management in the Arctic on a course for extinction.”

How’s that for hope?

2 thoughts on “Obama Attacks Ribbon Seals”

  1. Tom says:

    The man knows how to disappoint, doesn’t he? He extends the wars to include Pakistan and Afghanistan, which only costs us MORE money and troops, gets chummy with the far right (which anyone knows doesn’t work), continues bailing out our largest insolvent banks and insurance companies (which means he continues the failed Bush policy on this too), allows the Fed to keep printing money with no backing whatsoever (and if you just look to Zimbabwe you can see how well that goes), and his signature piece – healthcare – is going down the drain. Now add to all that the fact that he’s losing support among the vast majority of Americans (who elected him for CHANGE) and it looks like the environment will just go down with all the rest of his failures.

    So here we are at about 6 months into his 4 years and it’s looking remarkably bad. Unemployment at around 16% and rising still (not using the fudged numbers the news tells us, look at the big picture). Our manufacturing base is gone, the great Green hope is fading quickly, and it’s more of the same economic burden on the masses for the benefit of the fraudulent few. A tax increase on those of us who can still pay, the former middle class, now the working poor, and not including the wealthy, of course, will probably have to be enacted soon.

    Once again, politics is NOT the way (since the entire program is corporate controlled, corrupted, and unreliable) to progressive change. Voting is a sham, politicians are just humans with personal agendas put in a public position (and failing miserably at it), and new “leadership” is a bad joke. i’m done with it.

  2. ReMarker says:

    Please rethink the “Obama Attacks Ribbon Seals” title to this thread.

    Government action on Ribbon Seal timeline:

    “Dec. 20, 2007,
    the Center for Biological Diversity petitioned NOAA’s Fisheries Service to list the ribbon seal under the Endangered Species Act”. – Taken from which is one of the links in The Green Man’s post used to validate his “Obama Attacks Ribbon Seals” observation.

    Dec. 23, 2008, Ribbon Seal protection denied.
    “In the waning days of the Bush administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration concluded that the ribbon seal did not warrant Endangered Species Act protection because sufficient sea ice would supposedly remain in the seal’s habitat for the species to survive at least until mid-century.” – Taken from which is one of the links in The Green Man’s post used to validate his “Obama Attacks Ribbon Seals” observation.

    March 19, 2009, Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D. was confirmed as the under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere.

    In conclusion:
    The title of this post struck me as inconsistant with the change President Obama declared he would bring to America in the event he is elected. I know Pres. Obama has many doubters/critics, but I’m not one of them. I take Pres. Obama at his word and spend due diligence in attempting to find the “facts” that relate to the claims of his critics. I hope my efforts are helpful.

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