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How Does This Graph Show A Cooling Earth?

Corporate-funded networks have been busy this year spreading the idea that the Earth is cooling, rather than warming. They’ve got a lot of money at their fingertips to engage in this propaganda campaign, but they do have a little speed bump to confront in their race to denial: Observed facts gathered by scientists.

This graph shows Arctic climate trends over the last two thousand years, showing that, until the Industrial Revolution kicked into high gear, the Arctic was cooling, but has been engaged in sudden, rapid warming since. Of course, there weren’t thermometers planted around the world until relatively recent history. Temperature records don’t go back two thousand years, but they can be estimated after the fact through the combined examinations lake sediments, ice cores and tree rings. That’s what researchers at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research did in order to construct this the blue line in this graph of temperature anomalies in the Arctic. The red line shows direct observations, not a climate model projection.

global warming graph

I’d like to hear from those people who repeat the corporate claim that the Earth is currently cooling, rather than warming, how they think the scientific measurements shown in this graph fit with that idea.

5 thoughts on “How Does This Graph Show A Cooling Earth?”

  1. F.G. Fitzer says:

    Oh my. Look at all the global warming deniers all of a sudden shut up. Those who have elsewhere claimed global cooling seem to be studiously avoiding this article.

    Could it be that they don’t have any smart retorts?

  2. Mark says:

    Global warming deniers often point to widespread comments in the 1970s that the Earth was cooling and that we were headed for a new ice age. The deniers cite these statements as an indication that scientists were wrong then so are probably wrong now. Apparently the scientists were not wrong in the 1970s after all. We were in a cooling trend. What the scientists of the 1970s didn’t understand was that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions would overwhelm this natural cycle.

  3. le pelerin says:

    I know many farmers in northern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba who are busy on their combines bringing in their bumper new crops of barley, wheat and flax seed thanks to global warming. It’s not all bad news.

    1. Jim says:

      I don’t think anybody ever said it was.

  4. Kevin says:

    and its not even real news…

    “All three Prairie provinces reported possible decreases in production of barley and oats. Early indications are that Prairie barley production will fall 26.1% to 8.3 million tonnes, and oat production will fall 34.4% to 2.6 million tonnes.Oat production may drop 43.8% in Manitoba, followed by declines of 31.2% in Saskatchewan and 28.2% in Alberta. Harvested area and yield were down in all three provinces. Barley production should fall by similar amounts, with the largest decline of 30.6% reported in Alberta.

    Global Climate Change will result in wide fluctuations in temps and moisture. Our current conditions have been affected by an extended La Nina, and a near record solar minimum. Weeds seem to do better than cereal crops in higher CO2/temp and low water conditions.

    I wonder if you even know anyone in Canada….

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