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John Twelve Hawks Golden City Excerpt: Fiction That Isn't Fiction

Today John Twelve Hawks’ third book in the Traveler series, The Golden City, has been released. There are two passages in the first chapter that are nuggets of non-fiction within the fiction:

Most of the monitoring was unobtrusive. Norm-All could track the movement of your car and evaluate the purchases you made with your bank card. Susan wondered how much weight was given to certain negative actions; your personal equation would certainly be damaged by an arrest for drunken driving, but how much did the number change when you checked out a “negative” book from the public library?

There were rumors that two people were fired because of unacceptable Norm-All equations, and several part-timers were not given full-time jobs. Within a month, her research team stopped talking about anything controversial. The three acceptable topics of conversation were shopping, sports, and TV shows. One Friday they all went to a bar to celebrate a colleague’s birthday; when they ordered a third round of drinks, a programmer joked, “Well, this is going to screw up our Norm-All equations!”

Everyone laughed, but there was no discussion about it. They just resumed their conversation about the new models of hybrid cars, and that was it.

“We’re watching you for your own good and the good of society.”

“People always say things like that when they’re about to do something really selfish and bad.”

One thought on “John Twelve Hawks Golden City Excerpt: Fiction That Isn't Fiction”

  1. ReMarker says:

    That stuff in those passages bothers me too. I started being bothered with S&H green stamps. It was a way to appeal to people’s desire to get a deal while raising prices on all of us so merchandisers could give the deal.

    Data collection on individuals has progressively morphed into ways to munipulate people in a variety of ways.

    That, my friends, is another good reason to have a benevolent government powerful enough to protect its citizens. Please know who you vote for and cast your vote for people that believe in protecting “we the people” from powerful interest that have different priorities than “we the people”.

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