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The Mutant Babies Won't Burn

green baby flamesIn its work preparating for an upcoming Fire Retardant Dilemma Symposium in Berkley, California, the Green Science Policy Institute has discovered that PBDEs, a group of fire retardant chemicals that was banned in children’s pajamas in the 1980s, is now being added to other children’s products, such as changing tables, car seats and strollers. PBDEs have been linked with genetic mutations and abnormalities in neurological and hormonal development.

That’s not the best news, if you choose to emphasize the negative. Let’s look on the bright side: At least our sweet little mutants are less likely to burst into flame.

2 thoughts on “The Mutant Babies Won't Burn”

  1. ReMarker says:

    You may be right to be concerned and probably are, but a couple of questions are begged in my mind.

    Does the exposure to changing tables, car seats and strollers present an equivilent danger to children as pajamas, and is the exposure to changing tables, car seats and strollers, with fire retardent PBDEs, dangerous to children in any way.

    As I looked for supporting info by following the links in this post, I learned the issue is not as decided as this post suggest. As a matter of fact, a quote in the linked article is, “Because of the prevalence of these chemicals, the team also examined samples of indoor dust, which is thought to be the main route of exposure to PBDEs. “They were just about in every sample we looked at,” Stapleton said.” Also, most PBDE containing chemicals have been replaced with TDCPPs and TCPPs. That is not to say the new chemicals are better, because the new chemicals “contain phosphate rather than bromine to achieve their flame retardant properties”.

    I believe it is wise to error on the side of caution, particularly where children are concerned, but I also believe factual comprehensive information gets better results than sensationalism.

  2. Tom says:

    If these childrens’ accoutrements are “made in China” where toxic waste is routinely added to everything they make (to get rid of it), then it’s no surprise.

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