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Your Surveillance Future in Lancaster, PA

“You got to think of Lancaster now being like an open-air prison. Who’s the warden?” — Nick Boots, barber, Lancaster PA.

The city of Lancaster has a population of 54,000 people and had just three murders last year. But 165 surveillance cameras have gone up around the city, and people are being paid to watch people in these 165 locations around the clock.

Do you want your city or town to become the next Lancaster?

2 thoughts on “Your Surveillance Future in Lancaster, PA”

  1. ReMarker says:

    Surveillance cameras are yet another reason we citizens must be deligent is selecting good people to run our local, state, and national governments. As technology evolves there will undoubtedly be more opportunities for the “system” to be abused.

    There surely is much good that can come from hi-tech stuff but the dangers are real. There is, without question, a point of deminishing returns.

    My answer to your question is, I have avoided large towns and cities since the early-70s for the very reason you posted this article. Concern for personal privacy infringement overkill. I definately have a Thoreau/Emerson complex tempered by Woodstock type enlightenments.

  2. Tom says:

    After reading the Traveler series it isn’t hard to imagine (or realize) the future it portrays is now. If 911 was an inside job (or even “allowed to happen” to foment the Iraq war) then this is the end result. Now that we have near 20% actual unemployment (and rising steadily) expect this type of “group watch” to be trotted out in most, if not all, of the big cities in the near future.

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