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Abu Ghraib Still Up

Am I in 2004? I had to check my calendar this morning after I woke up to check the news, and found that there’s violence in Abu Ghraib and bombs going off all over Iraq.

I seem to remember the promise that Abu Ghraib was going to be destroyed. I seem to remember the promise that the Surge was going to bring peace to Iraq and a political solution.

Then again, there’s a stack of promises about Iraq so huge that if you go back far enough, just about every policy turns out to have been a promise of something we would never do.

5 comments to Abu Ghraib Still Up

  • ReMarker

    There are many intrenched remnants of the Bush years. How to make it all as it should be in 7ish months, particularly with the mess the Bushys left America in?

    Like many others, I’m tired of waiting too. I’ve been waiting since I first started voting (1973ish) with varying degrees of satisfaction. Pre 1973, with the exception of the expectations engendered by Kennedy (assassinated after 1000 days), I had no faith at all in my country’s government having the interest of the collective “we the people” at the heart of their actions over the “we the special interests that support you” crowd.

    Then Nixon was run out of office and my hope was born.

    On some level, my faith is still weak, but I must keep hoping, voting, and trying to make a practical case for what could/should be, in my country. My hope is, Abu Ghraib is as other delayed Obama promises/initiatives, temporarily stuck in the weeds until the dust settles on the newness of our 1st non-white President, the world-wide financial catastrophy abates, and the momentum for the changes America NEEDS becomes so powerful it can not be stopped.

    • qs

      Think how many people have been born in since the Nixon days. All those people nullify your vote. Or what about illegal immigrants or illegal immigrants for that matter. 10’s of millions all nullifying your vote.

      That’s why voting has always been a fraud because you don’t actually get to choose your government, but instead you get to be part of the mob under the illusion that you picked the president.

      • ReMarker

        Who would have ever thought that the United States of America would even exist? Not the British. It was just us that have strong feelings about being free and are courageous enough to make the hard choices to devise and preserve a country that offers the best hope for freedom, so far.

        I support that objective, excellently (not perfectly)articulated in our Constitution.

        Get a clue qs, your vote may be the only power you have. Ignor it at your own peril. However, based on your posts, I can see an up side, if you don’t vote.

        • qs

          I normally vote, but it’s just for barber shop talk, and so I can say I did it.

          I always vote third third party though, and they never win. Even if I was to vote for a major party, is it really going to come down to one vote? Of course not.

          Why not have global governance, and we can still get preached to about the power of our vote, which would be one in six billion almost an extreme lottery sort of thing. 1 in 300 million is slightly better odds, but the system is so large that it doesn’t matter for the most part. This is why I like the anarchist system where you get to choose your own governments plus I never signed the Constitution.

          The reason that all these laws apply to us is because the president has a massive standing army to enforce his 51% majority on everyone.

          • ReMarker

            Hmm, it can be successfully argued, we do have global governance, and America is the default head of it, by chance more than choice.

            It’s to bad many of the politicos don’t embrace that vision and responsibility, because we (America) are losing control rapidly.

            Some say China is the next world leader.

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