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Minnesota To Rebel Against Union To Prevent Health Care Reform

mother davisMother Davis falls asleep while watching Gone With The Wind, and then wakes up to notice,

The rebels have reached Minnesota.

Off the rails. Over the edge. Jumped the shark. Use whatever phrase you like to describe this latest version of Republican hyperbole against health care. The point is that GOP resistance to health care reform has now tipped over the boundary between angry and absurd.

Minnesota’s Governor, Tim Pawlenty, has announced that he is willing to invoke the sovereignty of Minnesota as an entity that has the ability to separate itself from the federal government’s authority. Pawlenty will authorize this act of rebellion, he says, if the U.S. Congress passes health care reform legislation with a public option.

Yes, Tim Pawlenty will move Minnesota toward secession just in order to protect Minnesotans from… improved access to affordable health care. What will his rallying cry be, I wonder – Give me insurance companies, or give me death?

If so, that’s a motto we may hear a lot more of in the future. Scuttlebutt is that Tim Pawlenty is planning on running for President in 2012.

Looking for a confederate battle flag factory in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area,
Mother Davis

2 thoughts on “Minnesota To Rebel Against Union To Prevent Health Care Reform”

  1. qs says:

    Confederate battle flag just for that?

    A Paddy’s lamentation.

  2. az iz says:

    What else would you expect from a state that elected Michelle Bachmann?

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