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Nemitz Peels Back Facade of Stand for Marriage Maine

In a careful and thorough column, Bill Nemitz uncovers some interesting information about Marc Mutty, the organization called Stand for Marriage Maine, and their effort to put an end to marriage equality in Maine in a referendum this fall:

* Marc Mutty has two jobs: as Director of Public Affairs for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, he is in charge of pressuring the government to enact Roman Catholic religious doctrine into law. As Chairman of the organization called Stand for Marriage Maine, he is in charge of enacting Roman Catholic marriage doctrine into Maine state law.

* Stand for Marriage Maine has started sending out e-mail blasts in which they claim that Maine’s marriage equality law requires “mandatory gay sex education” “as the public schools begin the process of indoctrinating them on the subject of homosexual marriage” “to fund ‘explicit’ homosexual instruction in the classroom”.

* The claim by Stand for Marriage Maine is false. Nowhere in LD1020 (the Maine marriage equality law passed this spring) is there any provision regarding education. Furthermore, Nemitz points out, nowhere in its legal code does the state of Maine mandate any particular curriculum regarding homosexuality or marriage. Such curriculum decisions in Maine are made by local school boards elected directly by local communities.

Thou shalt not bear false witness. Isn’t that a commandment or something?

Ask Marc Mutty. You can reach him with the Stand for Marriage Maine organization at 207-846-9052.

While you’re at it, contact the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland at 207-773-6471 and ask them if they can clear this whole “false witness” thing, too. After all, in addition to the in-kind contribution of Marc Mutty’s services, the Diocese has contributed $110,339.73 to Stand for Marriage Maine, making it the single largest contributor to the group.

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  1. G Roderick says:

    Thank you Jim for taking the time to generate this information. Hopefully it will be distributed widely. Graeme

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