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5 Soldiers Die For Corrupt Afghan Government

Yesterday, 5 American soldiers were killed in a day of violence across Afghanistan. They’re there to support the government of Hamid Karzai, which has imprisoned people for not following Islam, and which has responded to American efforts to establish democracy by crudely rigging elections.

Why should our participation in this war continue?

2 comments to 5 Soldiers Die For Corrupt Afghan Government

  • ReMarker

    There are up and down sides to any war. Deciding whether to war or not is most complicated, at best. I will make a upside/downside list, for the Afgan war that is neither complete or decisive but is “off the top of my head” thinking.

    The Afgan War

    Down side:
    Deaths, military and civilian.
    Disruptions of people’s lives.
    The cloud of war gives ruthless people cover for being ruthless.
    The loss of National treasure (money).
    The distruction of natural resourses.

    Up side:
    Possibly restricting and eliminating the 9/11 organizers.
    Possibly restricting Al Qaeda and Taliban operatives from controlling a country and its population, in their efforts to have a “terrorist state”.
    Possibly providing a way for Afganistanies to reclaim control of their country and their destinies.
    Possibly help Afganistan have social and political progress.

    A strong political argument for continuing military operations in Afganistan is to avoid giving fuel to the GOP operatives that will surely exploit the clueless by arguing “the cowardly Dems. are running from Osama bin Laden instead of pursueing the guy that attacked us on 9/11”.

    Personally, I hope there is a way for America to get bin Laden and help the Afgan people rebuild thier country. We need some friends in that region of the world.

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