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Global Temperature Statistics: The Denial Edition

Here’s how you get to say “the globe is cooling, not warming!”

Start here:

NASA Goddard Chart for Global Temperature Anomaly

NASA Goddard Chart for Global Temperature Anomaly

(Source data: here)

Then clip here:
NASA Goddard Global Mean Temperature Anomaly Data, Truncated to Show Global Cooling

et voila! Global Cooling!

7 comments to Global Temperature Statistics: The Denial Edition

  • Tom

    You don’t get it ReMarker, they WANT the world to end so their mythical savior will come down and take their bloated, egotistical, hate-filled bodies away to a new millenium of peace (which they’ll promptly fuck up, being who they are and all), joy and untold wealth i guess. Oh, and don’t forget about the 72 virgins . . .

    • ReMarker

      I get it Tom. If my linking to the Lutheran article makes you think I don’t, I will explain. My purpose in linking to the Lutheran article was to show an alternate, “Christian based” interpretation of Biblical scriptures, as compaired to many interpretations many commenters here in Irregular Times make. And I do find the article much more appealing, BUT that is the limit to its influence on me. I continue to believe (God or not), any religious ideology that claims “deviness” for THEIR human generated documents is opening the religious wars can of worms.

      I know what the “end timers” are up to. I’ve heard all about it from the “inside” of the Christian fundamentalist side, being from the south and all. And although I don’t have 1st hand knowledge of Islamic fundamentalists, thier rhetoric is effectively identical to the Christian fundamentalists, and their actions mirror the Christian fundamentalists’, ie. McVeigh/bin Laden.

      I also know, to argue Scriptural meaning with Christian or Islamic fundamentalists is not very effective. They are “God driven” and not much can overcome their mind-set. The technique Fitzy used was one of the most effective ways to have an enlightening conversation about religious scriptural “intent” I’ve seen. Questioning scriptural “intent” and/or offering alternate versions of “intent” may be the only way to weaken the “end timer” philosophy. Some of main stream American Christianity is beginning to reject the radical interpretations of Biblical scriptures fundamentalist have, as the Lutheran article shows.

      Regardless of the cosmic TRUTH (God v. no God), effectively all the people on earth are spiritual. The question for those of us (spiritual or not) that understand that the “laws of nature” (science) rule, is; How to win the “reason and fact” argument with spiritualists?

      It’s not an easy task. Jim reminded me recently that making the case on the merits has great value.

      • le pelerin

        Because you’re from the South, you may think most christians are “end-timers”. I guess by that you mean they believe in a rapture.

        Most christians do not believe anything of the sort, only a small noisy minority here in the US. This belief is new within the last century or so and popularize by the “Left Behind series.”

        • ReMarker

          The “end timers” down here, are thicker than flies on a junk yard dog.
          I agree that “end timers” (fundamentalists) are mostly southern. I’z jus splainin’ why I was ’round ’em and know ’bout ’em. It was by chance not choice. I’z born and bread here in the south. Know what I mean, Vern?

  • Tom

    So i guess most people won’t hear about this either:

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