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If You're Upset About Obama Intruding, How About Section 215?

Last week, a number of conservative Americans declared themselves to be highly upset that the President, of all people, would be delivering a speech to America’s schoolchildren, at least in places where schools decided to show the speech. “Orwellian!” “Tyranny!” they cried.

I had problems of my own with some of the plans that were generated for Obama’s speech, but I’ve got to ask the conservatives who got so upset at the wild, Orwellian and tyrannical extension of government power of the President giving a speech:

Why aren’t you upset when government agents assume the power to seize business records without a warrant? See Patriot Act, Section 215. And why aren’t you upset when President Barack Obama declares his desire to have the government keep right on doing that?

Or is that just timid and mild compared to the President giving a speech?

2 thoughts on “If You're Upset About Obama Intruding, How About Section 215?”

  1. ReMarker says:

    Here is a look inside the Bush Whitehouse. Link:

    It’s fasinating how acceptable Bush’s behavior is, to those that seem to have problems with Obama.

    Bush has horns and a pointed tail too. I can see them when I wear THE goggles.

  2. qs says:

    I think both sides want to control the other side and dominate American to pass their own new government programs and get money to their own supporters that fit their agenda.

    Then when the other side gets control they’re angry about it.

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