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Losing Our Marbles

We have been losing our marbles in our house. My two year-old is not a mouther, so he’s safe around our marble run kit, which amuses him greatly until he bashes it apart and demands a repair. He also loves to take the little glass balls and hold them in his hands for hours, until he puts them in the secret little places in a house that only a toddler could know about.

So, for the last couple of weeks, I have been looking for marbles. When I was a kid, it was easy to find a bag of marbles for sale. I remember them being sold at the Rexall pharmacy in a mesh bag for a dollar or so. I went to the pharmacy near our town, though, and there were no marbles for sale. I went to the grocery store. No marbles for sale. I went to the toy store in the city down the road. No marbles for sale.

Tonight, I went to Target, looking for cat food, but also for marbles. The cat food I got. Marbles were nowhere to be seen. There were nearly a dozen aisles of childrens’ toys, and five more aisles of sporting goods. I could not find any marbles. I don’t like to ask to find things, but I asked the cashier if perhaps I had missed the marbles. He called the manager. They had no marbles.

There as nearly an entire aisle of GI Joe action figures. There was an entire realm in the store devoted to pink playthings that girls might like. Cars and trucks for boys were on rack after rack. Dora and Diego followed me throughout the store. Merchandise featuring kids TV shows was all over. Perhaps the problem with marbles is that they’re not on television.

I’ve had to go and look online to find a place to buy marbles, and lucky me, I did find a place. Marble King makes marbles right here in the USA, in Paden City, West Virginia. I just wish I could hold those marbles in my hand, to make sure that they’re the right size for my son’s marble run, so that he can get some joy out of them before he stashes them in his precious places.

2 thoughts on “Losing Our Marbles”

  1. Jim says:

    You know what I can’t find? Some good pick-up sticks. You know, with the rings around ’em and everything.

  2. Jacob says:

    I know you guys are much further north than myself so I am not sure if weather permits but around here we have thousands of garage sales every weekend during the warmer months and those are great places to find older toys that arnt as popular any more. We have tons of marbles from garage sales where you can get them for around 50 cents a bag…

    Also, try a place like Hobby Lobby if you need them immediatly. They are used for a lot of floral arrangments…

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