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TweetMixx Fails To Follow

Mixx, a social bookmarking site, has noticed the rush to create third party applications for Twitter users, and so has followed along with TweetMixx, just when field is so crowded that almost no one is likely to notice. Still, timeliness isn’t everything. Function counts for a lot. So, how well does TweetMixx work?

TweetMixx purports to solve the problem with “followers” on Twitter: Most of the time, followers don’t really follow. At best, they skim. Usually, they just become followers of other people in the hope that they will get more followers themselves, thinking that, somehow, those people who follow them will actually read their tweets rather than just playing the same game of following without following.

The problem of empty following on Twitter doesn’t just create problems for writers who want to be read. It also creates problems for readers who want to find writing that they’re interested in. When people follow a large number of people’s tweets, they end up seeing a sea of tweets that mostly don’t match their interests. Thus, Twitter becomes a place where people blurt out tweets that few people ever hear, and then leave.

TweetMixx promises to solve this problem by using its special Mixxology algorithms to help Twitter users find the tweets that they’ll actually be interested in. TweetMixx users will be able to type in a keyword, and then they’ll be provided with tweets that are about that keyword.

This morning, I tested TweetMixx to see how well it works. I typed in an easy keyword, something for there ought to be a good deal of interesting material. The keyword: Dolphins

The first item TweetMixx brought me: How To Stop Foreclosure – 3 Legitimate Solutions | $ucce$$-Team. The next merely read: addicted!, and linked me to a photograph of a coffeemaker.

The third was a more on target: A retweet of a link to the movie The Cove, which documents the annual slaughter of dolphins by a village in Japan. I’ve already heard about that movie from a number of sources, though. It’s not new or interesting information for me.

Then came more off-target tweets: Facebook reports milestones in cash flow, users and How does one succeed in network marketing/mlm? |

Next, another Tweet about The Cove.

Then, more dreck: MLM Leader? Powerful New Company. Online Marketing Training & Coaching. Join The Fastest Growing Team in the Network and Wellington Preserves faces foreclosure and U.S. Foreclosure Filings Top 300000 for Sixth Straight Month.

TweetMixx fails the test… and yet more evidence is assembled that Twitter’s 140 character limit does not inspire poetry.

6 thoughts on “TweetMixx Fails To Follow”

  1. Chris McGill says:

    I want to thank you for this post. We read it and did some ivnestigation. We found that we were searching some data (user image url) tha we ought not to b searching. Weare correcting that and your results should be much better soon. Thanks again.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Chris, I’ll wait for a bit and then check it out again. Thanks.

  2. Chris McGill says:

    @Peregrin- We fixed the issue (again thank you). To be clear though, it fixes the issue for content going forward.. so some of the historical erroneous results that you saw (see) will still be there.

    Thanks again- we live for the user and this kind of feedback helps us make the product better.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Okay, so what I’m going to do then is wait a day and see what happens then. Nice attitude you have about feedback.

  3. Chris McGill says:


    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      and, I wanted to give TweetMixx a bit of time to clear out those junk responses, because I kept on running into them, and I wanted to be fair.

      So, I’ve gone back and used TweetMixx before, and it seems to be working a lot better, though I’m not getting exactly the dolphins I wanted, though that’s not your fault so much as an expression of the zeitgeist… I’ll be able to write it up later today.

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