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Zazzle Widens Lead Over CafePress After CafePress Disrespects Designers

June 2009: CafePress revokes graphic designers’ ability to set commissions for items featuring their designs on its “marketplace” search engine. Designers’ new mandated commissions are lower than before. At the same time, CafePress raises prices on customers. CafePress increases its own corporate profit margin per item at the expense of both customers and designers.

July 2009: for the first time in the history of the online print-on-demand business, CafePress loses its pageview lead to Zazzle, a competitor that still allows designers to set their own commission.

September 2009: CafePress declares the right to put designers’ images up for sale on any CafePress products, upsetting designers concerned about images of children being put on thong underwear and irking designers who don’t want their images put on products made in overseas sweatshops. CafePress also declares the right at its sole discretion to alter designers’ images as CafePress sees fit.

September 2009: Zazzle widens its new pageview lead over CafePress:

CafePress Versus Zazzle Pageviews, September 2009

October 2009: ?

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