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3 thoughts on “Afghanistan Mission Shows War A Poor Tool For Change”

  1. Tom says:

    We have election fraud HERE! Bush’s two “elections” were ridiculous in that the first was GIVEN to him by the right wing Supreme Court (after the stolen “Florida chad” manipulation) and the second was marred by the use of faulty electronic voting machines manufactured by a big donor to the Bush campaign. No one ever investigated any of this (in order to overturn them when they occured), so i guess that makes the U.S. election system MORE fraudulent than Afghanistan. So realize that we now live Bananamerica!

  2. Tom says:

    Oh, i almost forgot – the “drift” that Obama has displayed after being elected (from campaign rhettoric to actions after election) is so prevalent in our politics that it isn’t even considered fraud. So our ethics are so warped that we don’t even know (or care, it seems) when our elected officials (hand picked by the Duopoly Machine – financed by corporate America) are doing wrong (by us). So much for American politics as a viable agent of change for the better.

  3. randy ray haugen says:

    i’d say the only thing failing worse than our war in afganistan is our miserably failing war on drugs. let afganistan grow and sell it’s poppies. let any damn fool who wants to live with a monkey on his back do so. the cost to the world will be a lot less and the downside not nearly as dire as some might have you believe. the upside of having a legal source of revenue, open trade worldwide (free of the black market violence) and tax and tarriff revenues to boot would be huge. the social upheaval and unraveling of culture presumed by drug warriors would not match the crumbling ethics and the loss of liberty we see now. given the facts and the watching the effects, it does not take long for most to become truly cautious in their recreational drug use and those who don’t are not around long enough for society to worry about.

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