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Comment Follies

Irregular Times has been plagued by a software glitch in our comments section. WordPress, the software we use to post articles and invite comments, “autopopulates” our comment form with the name you used the last time you came here to write a comment. It’s supposed to be helpful and friendly and all, but unfortunately every once in a while the software “autopopulates” the name of someone else who writes comments here. If you don’t notice when this happens and you post a comment, then — eek! — you end up writing a comment with someone else’s name attached. That is the opposite of helpful and friendly.

Yesterday, in an attempt to fix this problem, I disabled the name autopopulation feature altogether so that in the comment form there’s no default, and a person who wants to comment just enters their name each time. But after that “fix,” people have been leaving the name space utterly blank, then posting second comments in which they say “whoops! Forgot to say my name; I wrote that comment, the one back there that mentioned the lemon…” Yeesh! What a headache!

So here’s where we are now: I’ve switched name autopopulation back on for comments. I’ve also updated to new underlying software that, I hope, has resolved the comment misnomer glitch.

If we’re fortunate, this puts an end to the comment follies. If you notice that weird names of other people are popping up in the comment box, please let me know so I can try something else.

4 thoughts on “Comment Follies”

  1. Jacob says:

    This has happened to me twice today. Both “Carol” and “JD” have been autopopulated in my name field

  2. Jim says:


    1. Jim says:

      Hokay. I’m going to go poke at the code again to see why this is happening.

      1. Jim says:

        The problem seems to be one in which the WordPress software wasn’t checking cookies correctly, so I’ve added code to ask it to do this specifically in the comments sections. Let’s hope this fixes it.

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