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End To Star Wars Fantasy

Leaders of governments in Eastern Europe have indicated that the Obama Administration is preparing to end the missile defense program begun under George W. Bush. The program relied upon unproven technology, and so was unlikely to actually protect anyone. Yet, it managed to antagonize Russia and drain billions of dollars of government funds.

What was the European missile defense program good for? It was great for the corporations who were hired to do contract work to construct the systems. It was also a nice touch for Americans with minds stuck back in the 20th century’s Cold War, allowing them to persist in their hope for Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars defense system to protect us against the Soviet Union.

Thanks to President Obama for agreeing to end this wasteful military fantasy.

5 thoughts on “End To Star Wars Fantasy”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    Well, wouldn’t you know it, now it seems that Obama is reforming the Star Wars missile defense in Europe, not ending it.

    1. ReMarker says:

      I was glad to see your “End To Star Wars Fantasy” article. You had captured actual and political aspects of the “Star Wars Fantasy”, exactly.

      However, your reply to your article, indicates the USA Today article changed your opinion.

      The following is a link to an entertaining and informative video of Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that adds more information and background to the issue that may change your opinion back to its original position, if you choose to view it.

  2. qs says:


    I believe we still have one but that we aren’t building European countries more of them now.

    1. qs says:

      O I missed post one.

  3. Tom says:

    The military continues to get its lions share of the treasure for its wasteful, harmful, and wrong programs. If we had actually HELPED other nations with their problems (even though we can’t help ourselves solve our own) rather than bombing them into the Stone Age, we’d have a lot more allies, much less terrorism, and need far fewer “aid” dollars going to prop up puppet governments, bases around the globe filled with OUR troops, and for distributing death to our enemies du jour.

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