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Sellit ADPAK: 26 Days, 76 Clickthroughs, 9 Orders, $13.61 in Profit

For the past 26 days, Irregular Times has departed from its practice of not taking out advertisements in order to transparently test Sellit’s “ADPAK.” The ADPAK is a $14.99/month advertising program that designs and places an advertising widget for clients on various websites. In this case, we asked Sellit to place widgets advertising our health care reform bumper stickers on various websites. It’s the hottest topic in politics right now, so if any topic for advertising should do well, it’s this one. We’re demonstrating the ADPAK for a month. Here’s a static image of it:

Sellit promises 15,000 ad placements for a month; 26 days into the month’s worth of advertising, I should have gotten about 13,000 placements of the ADPAK widget. In that time, Google Analytics tells me that we’ve had 76 visits from this one paid source of ours, making for a click-through rate of approximately 0.6%. From those 76 visits have come 9 orders generating $28.60 in income for us. After taking the $14.99 advertising charge into account, we’ve reaped $13.61 in profit.

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