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American Deaths from No Health Insurance: Fifteen 9/11 Attacks Every Year

Number of people, including non-Americans, killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001: less than 3,000

Number of people, just Americans, killed every year because they don’t have health insurance: nearly 45,000 (link | link | link; publication full text)

United We Stand?

13 thoughts on “American Deaths from No Health Insurance: Fifteen 9/11 Attacks Every Year”

  1. JD says:

    While I think that all Americans deserve health care, I don’t like anything that even hints at lessening 911. I don’t mind you raising the issue of health care but I don’t appreciate a comparison to 911. There is no comparison. Just like there is no comparison to the horror of someone dying because they can’t afford a procedure that someone else can, there is no comparison to what we saw on 911. Not even by looking at the stats. The people who died on both accounts deserve more.

    1. Jim says:

      Why? What makes some deaths unquestionably, untouchably enshrined?

      1. JD says:

        For me, my respect for those who suffered.

        1. Carol says:

          Let me see if I understand you:

          For YOU, and for the sake of YOuR respect for others, nobody should point out that EVERY YEAR there are 15 times as many dead from lack of healtjh insuramnce? I do not get that. It is the truth. To hide truth is RESPECTful?

          1. JD says:

            Carol, You don’t understand me. I think sastitical comparisons lessens what happened and is happening to both groups. Both groups are more than numbers.

          2. Jacob says:

            I could be wrong but here is how I read this article. ‘So you guys are really outraged and moved about the 3,000 people who died during 911, as you should be. Well, guess what, 45,000 people die every single freaking year and you can stop many of those deaths. Why the freak dont you care as much about those people???? WTF!’

            Thats what I read between the lines and unless I am way off I have to agree whoe heartedly…

  2. Jacob says:

    Strangly your comment “The people who died on both accounts deserve more.” is in fact a comparison of the two events. You are also missing the whole point of the article. It isnt lessoning the 911 victims but raising the 45,000 victims of this plight.

    1. JD says:

      It is the reducing the lives of the individuals to a number and comparing the numbers for the sake of an argument that I don’t like. The statement that both groups of people deserve more is no such comparison.

  3. Tom says:

    It won’t change for the better for us citizens until corporate influence and “personhood” status is repealed.
    (Y)our government is a subsidiary of corporate America now, so don’t expect much or you’ll be disappointed. Vote all you want, but the candidates are picked and funded by the party “machine” that’s totally influenced by corporate dollars, so no matter who you vote for – they’re already owned by the powers that be. If the elected politician fails to comply with their marching orders we get a scandal, an accident, or an assassination and they are removed.

  4. randy ray haugen says:

    that’s right tom. that’s why we won’t see a single payer system any time soon.

  5. Anonymous says:


    1. Jim says:

      I agree that 45,000 a year dead is a lot. I’m glad you see it that way, so hopefully you’re letting those “stupid assholes” in Washington know that we shouldn’t let another 45,000 people die next year because health care reform legislation hasn’t been passed. You’re right: the stakes are just too high.

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