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Guess What’s Not The Answer

When I wrote yesterday that an offshore oil platform in the Timor Sea near Australia had been spilling crude oil into the ocean for three weeks, I wasn’t completely accurate. The truth is that, as of a few hours from now, that oil rig will have been spilling its sick slick for four weeks straight.

timor sea oil spill photoI found out that more precise date from, which has a display that’s keeping track of the extremely long time that’s passed since the beginning of this spill and the slow effort to clean it up. Imagine a month-long oil spill off the coast of California, or Florida, or the Carolinas. That’s what the Drill Baby Drill politicians in the United States have in mind, and the Obama Administration doesn’t seem much inclined to stand in their way. State governments are going ahead with plans to expand oil drilling up and down the shores of North America.

I also found this new photograph of the ongoing oil drilling disaster though NoRigs. The photograph was taken by Environs Kimberley. Kimberley is the region of Australia closest to the oil spill.

The NoRigs site itself came to my attention through an American site created by the Surfrider Organization. It’s called Not the Answer, and if you’re aiming to keep track of the growing movement against expanded offshore drilling, it’s a great place to start.

Another good source is Sky Truth, which brings objective information about the spread of the oil spill, now covering thousands of square miles, using satellite and aerial imageery.

not the answer

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