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Interstate Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage: It’s Constitutional. It’s Biblical.

What’s your standard for enacting laws? Is it a legal standard, in which all laws must fit within the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land? Is it a Christian theocratic standard, in which all laws must be compatible with the Christian Bible? Under either standard, the recognition of same-sex marriages across state lines is imperative.

It’s Constitutional: The 14th Amendment

Under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex marriages and different-sex marriages are given separate and unequal status. The marriages of different-sex couples must be recognized at the federal level in all 50 states, no matter in what state they were married. The marriages of same-sex couples are denied that recognition. Gay and lesbian Americans receive unequal protection under this law, which is contrary to the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If the 14th Amendment to the Constitution were heeded in federal courts, DOMA would be nullified. Anti-gay politicians have implicitly acknowledged this by pushing legislation to prevent federal courts from ruling on the constitutionality of DOMA.

It’s Biblical: Matthew, Luke, Jesus and the Golden Rule

If you are in a different-sex marriage and you believe that the Bible should be the source of law in the United States, ask yourself:

Do you think that if you move to a different state your marriage should be recognized in that new state? For instance, if you were married in Missouri and you moved to Kansas, do you think that your marriage should be recognized as legal and valid in Kansas?

My guess is that 99 out 100 people married to someone of the opposite sex would say “yes.” My guess is that a majority of those answering would be shocked to think of their marriage being made null and void every time they crossed state lines.

Now ask yourself a slightly different question:

Do you think that if same-sex married couples move to a different state their marriages should be recognized in that new state?

Before you answer, remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7:12… “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.”

Remember what Jesus said in Luke 6:31… “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you want your marriage to be recognized by others in different states, you need to recognize others’ marriages from different states, too. If you don’t recognize others’ marriages, you shouldn’t expect your own to be recognized.

Whether it’s a Bible thing or a Constitution thing, interstate recognition of same-sex marriage is called for.

4 thoughts on “Interstate Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage: It’s Constitutional. It’s Biblical.”

  1. ReMarker says:

    A very “on point” article.

  2. qs says:

    “Whether it’s a Bible thing or a Constitution thing, interstate recognition of same-sex marriage is called for”

    I don’t like that they recognize some groups but not others.

    Ideally we wouldn’t force them to recognize any groups though. Marriage licenses are a somewhat new idea. They used to not want people doing interracial marriage so that’s when the State really got involved in regulating marriage.

  3. 1EqualityUSA says:

    Can’t you just see Maggie Gallagher during the Salem witch trials, standing in judgement over some victim du jour with her long sleeved, walnut juice dyed, black Pilgrim’s dress, save the white collar and cuffs? Her puritanical expression, worn loosely over too tight facial muscles, is a face that has appeared to many throughout the centuries only now, she is the one donning the face of the unmerciful inquisitor. Those who felt it was their calling to burn witches in Salem were so convinced that what they were doing was correct and in line with God’s wishes. Little did they know it was a fungus growing in the wheat that caused these “devilish” seizures. The religious hysteria that ensued, due to these ergot poisonings, lead to the deaths of many, in the name of God, of course. For all the pain she’s caused, for all of the slanderous accusations of bestialitypolygamypedophilianecrophiliaburglary and any other negatives conjured up to supplement their weak case against our community, she and her brood will be held accountable. Both gay and straight people need to stand up to these hypocrites. Today gays are the target, tomorrow it’s whomever else is deemed, “undesirable”.

  4. 1EqualityUSA says:

    Let’s create a board game and name it, “Referendum”. With just one roll of the dice, rights could be stripped away, NOM-skulls could land in a prized square, a “Family Values” Republican could go down in flames, or an “activist judge” could be appointed to the bench. Oh! You landed on a slippery slope! Guess it’s bestiality for you! Put that sheep down! Roll the dice, win a beauty pageant. Roll the dice, your crown gets taken away! Slippery slope, oh!, polygamy, who knew? Roll the dice, the Bishops and priests line up to form a wall, ohhhh, another scandal! Get out of Jail free card. Procure property in Iowa and marry your partner, ohhh! Nom-skulls show up dressed as Pilgrims breathing fire and beating their sanctimonious breasts on your lawn. When is this game going to be over? Sincerely, 1EqualityUSA

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