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Car Free Day Is Coming This Week

Tuesday, September 22 is Car Free Day, a day for people to remember that dependence upon a four-wheeled contraption with a burning motor that spews carcinogenic pollutants and gases that contribute to global warming is not the only way a human being can live. It’s a day for people to make an earnest effort to spend the day without stepping in a car.

green roadAs someone who lived mostly car-free for the first half of this year, I encourage you to participate in this Car Free Day. That said, I understand if you can’t manage to do it. Many people live in places or have obligations that make it difficult not to use a car.

For that reason, your Car Free Day can have two aspects. First, try to reduce or eliminate your use of a car that day. Second, consider what local, state and federal government actions could take place to make it easier for you to live without using a car every day – and take a step to support those actions.

Not every day is Car Free Day, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could move toward a future when every day could be?

3 thoughts on “Car Free Day Is Coming This Week”

  1. Tom says:

    Where do we park?

  2. Mike Licht says:

    Driving on Tuesday? Watch out for the Car-Free Enforcer.


  3. Jacob says:

    Whatever happened with this? Was it a success?

    After living in the Netherlands for a while I appriciate this idea more. I thank many of our problems in America come from the car.

    We are fatter
    We spend less time with family because now we can work further away and have longer commte times
    We have worse air
    We have less money in our pockets
    We have more debt
    Our kids are turning into bums because they can even watch TV in the car

    I can go on and on. The simple fact is for as much as cars help us, they overall hurt us more…

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