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Take Action: Call for Marriage Equality in Maine on Sept. 27

No matter where you live, if you would like to do your bit to help Maine in its effort to keep same-sex marriage legal this year, consider signing up to take a 2 hour shift placing phone calls to Mainers on Sunday, September 27. It’s my understanding from listening to the folks in the Vote NO on 1 campaign that the effort here is not primarily to change minds in a confrontational manner, but rather to check in with people who are already sympathetic and make sure they’re headed to the polls or are willing to vote early.

One thought on “Take Action: Call for Marriage Equality in Maine on Sept. 27”

  1. ReMarker says:

    Frankly I don’t see why “marrying” a person of the same sex is exclusive to being “gay”. After viewing the video, linked in the ACLU’s “Civil Marriage Legislation Submitted to Maine Legislature” announcement, it occured to me that best friends could qualify, too.

    The fact remains, the law authorizes, people to select 1 person to be their PRIMARY family member, otherwise know as husband/wife/mate. That law has nothing to do with whether they have sex or not.

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