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Lost Fortean Expedition Found!

Earlier this month, an expedition from the United Kingdom left for the island of Sumatra. All they had to do was take a simple series of flights, and take some ground transportation to their final destination and yet, they disappeared. The expedition’s headquarters back in the U.K. failed to receive its expected message announcing the arrival.

It was as if something happened… something unknown… something that was as yet unexplained. It was a genuine mystery.

orang pendek expeditionThe expedition was in search of the orang pendek, a legendary bipedal ape unknown to science, on behalf of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, a cryptozoological organization in the U.K. Was this group on the verge of discovering something that its enemies did not want the world to know? What kind of organization would have the power to make an entire cryptozoological expedition simply… disappear?

Although it sounds bizarre, it seems that an commercial organization that is involved with the creation of email filters is somehow involved. After looking through its files this weekend, people at the Centre for Fortean Zoology discovered that their expedition had sent them an email after all. The email had been lost in the Centre’s spam filters.

Maybe they ought to look for the orang pendek in there.

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