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Making Our Thoughts A Reality In Las Vegas

Religious believers and practitioners of the cultural amoeba of spirituality tell us that our thoughts have the power to directly transform physical reality, that what we do with our minds can affect what happens in the outside world. They say that if we meditate, or pray, or just even concentrate our thoughts, about something we want, we’re more likely to get that.

Well, if that’s true, how come gamblers don’t break the House? Casinos are filled with people focused on the belief that they can beat the odds. If their minds have the ability to directly reshape reality, why do they keep on losing?

2 comments to Making Our Thoughts A Reality In Las Vegas

  • ReMarker

    Hmm, maybe there is spirit that selects who wins and loses. Hmm, if that’s the case then our mind’s power is trumped by that spirit’s power. Hmm.

    However, I do believe there is a way to avoid ever making mistakes. Sit in a corner and do nothing. Hmm, could that be a mistake? Hmm, maybe sitting in a corner just makes making a mistake LESS likely. Hmm, that seems to be the opposite to the “religious believers and practitioners of the cultural amoeba of spirituality”‘s declaration that “we’re MORE likely to get that”.

    What the hell are they talking about?

  • randy ray haugen

    casinos are filled with mindless sheep trotting into the slaughter. the great mystics can do all that cool stuff.
    it’s just a question of “mind over matter” :)

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