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Strong Disarmament Leadership From Obama

This morning, our Green Man notes a piece of worthy legislation that rectifies a broken promise on nuclear nonproliferation from the 20th century. It turns out that the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty will need to be renewed quite soon, in May 2010, and national leaders from around the world are beginning to question whether it’s still an effective arrangement.

obama no nukesAfter all, the U.S. and Russia were supposed to, according to that treaty, take significant steps toward disarmament. That was a generation ago, and the U.S. and Russia both still have massive arsenals of nuclear weapons.

In that context, President Barack Obama has taken the bold move of rejecting a Pentagon proposal for reducing the American nuclear arsenal. Obama says that it’s too timid, and wants sharper reductions. He told the Pentagon to come back to him with a new nuclear posture review that meets his goals through more dramatic reductions and a reconfiguration of American nuclear strategy.

At Irregular Times, we often criticize Barack Obama for failing to honor the progressive promises made during last year’s campaign. When it comes to nuclear disarmament, however, President Obama’s leadership looks solid and strong.

8 thoughts on “Strong Disarmament Leadership From Obama”

  1. Krupa Thakrar says:

    Hi there,

    Came across your blog. BBC World Service Radio having a global debate this evening asking ‘If the US disarms, will the world follow?’ Would you be interested in participating in the discussion for a few minutes this evening if we get time? If you are interested kindly email me your contact details so I can brief you further. Please copy in my colleagues Shaimaa Khalil and Claudia Bradshaw.

    Best Wishes


  2. They Call Me...Tim.... says:

    Say Krup, remember…progressives make up but a small part of the US voting masses…far less than those that think Obama is stripping us bare for our enemies to feast on……

    1. ReMarker says:

      Emm, Krupa may not be talking to you, “They Call Me…Tim…”. My guess is you don’t even vote progressive and Krupa is talking to the owner of this blog (Jim).

      Fyi, Obama is not “stripping us bare”, he’s supporting moving from the dumbness of the Bush policies to a smarter national defense position.

      1. Jim says:

        That would be Peregrin, actually. I haven’t been following this bill myself.

        Is it possible that the truth lies between Tim’s and Remarker’s position, that Barack Obama is neither a saint nor a devil?

  3. Jacob says:

    I dont understand why a country would need more than say 1 nuclear bomb… After you use the first one because they used one the Earth is already in serious trouble. If we used anymore than that it doesnt really matter who wins the war.

  4. qs says:

    I read that a war between Pakistan and India could create a thermonuclear winter that could kill everyone on the planet.

    You think that’s true or just hype?

  5. qs says:

    I wonder if Obama will go forward with his Afghanistan troop surge.

    Seems like a disaster to me.

  6. randy ray haugen says:

    i’m glad to see the president keeping promises and keeping support in various political circles. i’ve noticed irregular times, at times, has been a little hard on
    barrack. i think he’s doing his best jackie robinson, and that has got to be very hard. healthcare has been a really hard knock for him and the rights best arguement is the deficit. the deficit that george and his cronies created.
    what a deal!

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