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Which Is The Cameron Lake Monster?

There is a monster lurking somewhere deep in the waters of Cameron Lake, British Columbia, some say. The evidence for a monster living in Cameron Lake is so compelling that cryptozoologist John Kirk has made an expedition to the lake himself… two years after he said he would consider launching such a journey. Kirk lives in British Columbia, an easy day’s journey from the lake.

Speculation began when Brigette Horvath spotted a strange movement in the water back in 2007, and three things circling in the water. What were these things? “Objects or creatures,” said Horvath, providing the cryptozoological community the specific eyewitness information it needed to begin a credible investigation. Horvath managed to photograph what she saw. That photograph is one among the following.

Are you ready to join the honored ranks of cryptozoologists? Take this quiz to see: Identify the photograph that is supposed to show the Cameron Lake monster. Your prize if you get it right: A free membership in the Canadian Cryptozoological Society of Canada.

cameron lake beast

cameron lake serpent

cameron lake creature

cameron lake splash

cameron lake true

lake cameron yes

4 thoughts on “Which Is The Cameron Lake Monster?”

  1. Jim says:

    Number three is my guess.

  2. Jacob says:

    I am going with 4

    1. Jacob says:

      rats! i lookked it up and i was wrong…

  3. Brigette says:

    hmmmmm…number three…geesh that one is easy

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