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Landslide Winner in 2009 Values Voter Summit Straw Poll: Blank

On September 19, 2009, the Family Research Council tried to put its best face on it. Its annual Values Voter Summit presidential straw poll is open to all who register to attend its Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC. This year, that makes for about 1,800 invited to vote in the straw poll. But of those 1,800 registrants invited to vote, only 597 actually bothered to cast a vote. Two thirds at the Values Voter Summit didn’t cast a vote at all.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said with a forced grin, “We were surprised that the event’s turnout was more than double our expectations, clearly showing intensity among social conservatives.” But attendance at the Values Voter Summit was lower than two years ago, when more than 2,000 registered and attended. The number voting in 2009 is one tenth the number who voted in the straw poll in 2007.

Full straw poll results for 1800 registrants:

No Vote: 1203 (66.8%)
Mike Huckabee: 170 (9.4%)
Mitt Romney: 74 (4.1%)
Tim Pawlenty: 73 (4.1%)
Sarah Palin: 72 (4.0%)
Mike Pence: 71 (4.0%)
Undecided/Other: 41 (2.3%)
Newt Gingrich: 40 (2.2%)
Bobby Jindal: 28 (1.6%)
Ron Paul: 13 (0.7%)

One thought on “Landslide Winner in 2009 Values Voter Summit Straw Poll: Blank”

  1. ReMarker says:

    Here is some of Rachel Maddow’s take on the Values Voter Summit Link:

    She does good work.

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