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One Month With Sellit AdPak: 0.6% Clickthrough, $19.41 Profit

To evaluate the usefulness of Sellit’s ADPAK advertising widget, we signed up for a month’s worth of the program’s ad placements. According to Sellit, the following widget was placed on various webpages related to health care reform for 15,000 page views over 30 days:

According to Google Analytics (the program Sellit recommends for tracking), 89 people clicked through to visit our health care reform shop. That makes for a 0.6% click through rate. From those 89 visitors came 11 orders generating $34.40 in income for us. The monthly cost of advertising was $14.99, which means that we came out of the experience with a net profit of $19.41.

Financially speaking, the advertising expense of the Sellit ADPAK seems to have been worth it, but our resulting increase in income was pretty small. Functional? Yes. Productive? Yes. A silver bullet? No.

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