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TweetMixx Fixxed

Last week, I wrote about Mixx’s attempt to launch an application for Twitter users who have become “followers” of so many people they don’t really care about that they need help searching through the Tweets of those they follow for something that actually matters to them. They call it TweetMixx.

When I looked at TweetMixx last week, I found it barely functional, filled with irrelevant spam garbage. I did a search for “dolphins”, but I got search results promises phony financial advice.

An employee over at Mixx got in touch, and nicely thanked us for the feedback, saying that the problem was being worked on. I said I’d check back in after a while to see how TweetMixx is working. Here’s what I found: Not what I wanted, though it’s not really the fault of TweetMixx.

It seems that when people write Tweets about dolphins, they’re writing about the pro football team the Miami dolphins. I was looking for articles about the marine mammals. Oh well. It’s not Mixx’s fault that people care more about teams playing ball games than they do about elegant animals in the oceans.

I have to say that I still don’t see the rationale for TweetMixx’s existence. Twitter has a search function, and if people follow intelligently, they ought to be able to find relevant Tweets there, to the extent that Twitter has content. The abbreviated length of Tweets makes it a keyword poor medium for communication.

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