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Which Picture Shows The Samoan Virgin Mary?

In Samoa, members of the Roman Catholic Church are in a tizzy because of a stain on the wall. Some Samoan Catholics say that it is an apparition of the Virgin Mary. Others say that it’s Jesus.

Did Mary have a beard?

I took a look at the image myself, and had a pretty hard time seeing how it’s supposed to look like either Mary or Joseph. But then, I’m an unbeliever. Why don’t you give it a try?

Identify the photograph that Samoan Catholics claim is a holy apparition, and I’ll give you a prize: A Platinum Club membership on the Jesus Express, so that when you go to heaven, you’ll get a drink before anyone else.

virgin mary 1

virgin mary 2

virgin mary 3

virgin mary 4

virgin mary 5

71 thoughts on “Which Picture Shows The Samoan Virgin Mary?”

  1. Jacob says:

    I am going with 3 but it looks more like a coke bottle to me. I wonder if three different Catholic people pray to the stain and are healed does that give the stain saint status?

    1. JD says:

      That’s a Pepsi bottle. But it doesn’t make a hill of beans of a difference to what I believe of the virgin birth.

      1. Jacob says:

        I agree, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is true. I will stake my life on that any day. I laugh at the Catholic church in areas like this because they have a problem with an infinit regress that doesnt work. Catholic doctrine teaches that Mary was also virgin born to Ann. They say that Christ could not have been born to a sinful women. Well, if we ignore the fact that the Bible teaches that ALL are sinners and NOT ONE can be considered good we still have a huge problem. If Christ could not be born to a sinner and be sinless, that means that Mary has the same thing. The Catholic church brings in Ann, but to have a sinless child that must mean that she had to be born of a virgin which takes us on and on in a regress back to Eve who we KNOW was a sinner. This leaves us with two possible options; A. Mary was not born to virgin Ann. or B. Mary is in fact more powerful than God. We all laugh at B so therefore it is logically, Scruipturally and factually wrong to believe that Mary was born from the virgin mother Ann. It is also wrong to place Mary on a pedistal as basically the forth head in the God head. This is one of my MAJOR bones with the Catholic church.

        1. jake says:


      2. Mary & Jesus Friend says:

        Can you spare sometime to go and have a look at the image again or even look at your picture taken before?

        You will see what you are meant to see and tell us what you see again!

    2. kb says:

      its a weather balloon! sheesh. Whos got the light.

  2. Kevin says:

    number….. 2!

    1. Jim says:

      I was kinda thinking that #2 looked like the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

      1. Jacob says:

        Not trying to be perverted , but, I think 2 looks like a nipple. I guess it could be Mary’s nipple…

        1. Kevin says:

          I thought that thing in the upper right hand corner was a little virgin mary clone…

  3. ReMarker says:

    What are you guys smoking? What are the Samoan Catholics smoking? I want some. I haven’t been visited by any religious spirits in a long time. Virgin births? It (the smoke) must be some goood herbs.

    JD sees a Pepsi bottle, I was going to say Coke bottle but with closer scrutiny, I think JD may be correct. How about a Royal Crown Cola bottle?

  4. Kevin says:

    “I will stake my life on that any day.”

    ha ha ha . what does that mean? If photos are found that show Mary broken hymen with a date listed as B.C. then you will kill yourself?

    “I laugh at the Catholic church in areas like this . . ”

    ha ha why? because their looney ideas are even wackier than yours?

    sad. religion as mass hysteria and delusion.

    1. Jacob says:

      I will stake my life on that any day means I would die before I denied Christ. Thats how strongly I know that its true.

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        But you DID deny Christ! You refused point blank to follow the commandment of Jesus from the book of Matthew in the Bible!

        1. Jacob says:

          Actually, I believe a half dozen people pointed out that you are wrong and trying to play games.

          1. F.G. Fitzer says:

            Once again, you deny Jesus!

            Those Christians wrote explaining that they refused to do what Jesus told them to do, is what you mean, I think. They’re the ones playing games. I’m just reading the literal word of the Bible, which, as you’ve explained, comes straight from God. Why do you deny the word of God?

          2. Jacob says:

            If you admit that the Bible is the Word of God then you understand that every verse in the Bible must be taken in context of the entore Bible. If you could read it like a cook book and understand it in a month you might have something. But, your wrong. I want to say again but since its the same wrong over and over agin I will simply say still.

          3. F.G. Fitzer says:

            So why not just accept that apparently anti-homosexual verses from the Old Testament were in the context of a culture that had not yet progressed to a position of compassion and understanding, and interpret the Bible, as you do elsewhere, as accepting of homosexuality?

            Why not put that in context, like you did when you decided that when Jesus says to give, Jesus doesn’t mean to give?

            You understand that’s the point, right – that too many Christians use different standards for interpreting the Bible at different points, depending on what their personal cultural preferences and what they want it to say?

          4. Jacob says:

            There is no other teaching about homosexuality. Everytime it is mentioned it is said to be wrong. An abomination. Its all a moral law, an unchanging law. Once again, read the book in context. Giving to pagans whos entire life is devoted to blasephy is covered though. So, even though Christ said to give, we shouldnt be taking part with people who work to destroy the gospel

          5. F.G. Fitzer says:

            And there is no teaching in the Bible that contradicts the commandment by Jesus that you should give things to people when they ask for them, and even give them more than what they ask for.

            So why the double standard, Jacob?

          6. Jim says:

            Hey, Jacob, now that you’re back on the “Bible is the Word of God” bit could I remind you about your commitment to explain away every Biblical contradiction over here?

  5. Kevin says:

    You don’t know anything. you repeat meaningless phrases .. born of a virgin… what does that even mean… that Mary didn’t have icky sex? Did your christ have a Y chromosome? whose?

    and that’s not staking your life anyway. the “stakes” are what at risk in a wager. that was your intention to say that but its meaningless because there is NO possible resolution to the wager so you are not staking anything.

    more glib meaningless babble from you. sad.

    1. Jacob says:

      The stakes are eternal, I would have to say thats pretty high. I hope you are able to back your wager.

      1. Jacob says:

        and you would be suprised with how many people lose there life over faith in Christ. i would say that all over the world whether you believe in Christ or not the wager is very real. In an island off of South Africa resently they rounded all of the Christians up in the streets and beat the snot out of them because they lived there. Many wanted to kill them but couldnt get enough support. Thousands of Christians “desapear” in places like China all every year. In some place being a Christian is legally punishable by death. Dont tell me that there are no real stakes to this. Even for those who think its stupid to believe they understand that in a large portion of the world the stakes are real. People die everyday over rejecting Christ. And there are many many many missionaries to these places that never come home or are heard of again. Its laughable for you to think that there are no stakes and wagers in this ‘game’. That shows a complete lack of any knowledge at all whatsovere. Turns out your speech and your ideas in this area are complerely empty.

        1. F.G. Fitzer says:

          And in many other places and in many other times, Christians have killed and tortured others for NOT being Christian. How do you reconcile that, Jacob? Is that why you deny Christ as in: ?

          1. Jacob says:

            Actually, the Catholic Church killed people. Huge differance. We have already discussed this. Show me where the Christian Church has taught that killing was OK. O, and the Catholic church as killing Christians at the same time as they were killing non Christians.

          2. Heather says:

            The Catholic religion is Christian. I should know I’m Catholic.

          3. Jacob says:

            Heather, what is that based off of? What is the coe belief of Catholics?

  6. Kevin says:


    “That shows a complete lack of any knowledge at all whatsovere.”

    I know a fool when I see one in print… You are now claiming that these people were killed because someone had evidence that Mary was not a virgin and they had bet that she was. fail!

    They were killed by other religious fanatics with just as much proof of their claims as you have of yours… i.e. NONE.

  7. tyrese and che says:

    god bless samoa and we wish samoa all the best


    1. J. Clifford says:

      A good lot that blotchy apparition of the Virgin Mary did for the people of Samoa when that tsunami came. Yes, we can mourn the deaths, but saying amen doesn’t make it better.

  8. Toilolo says:

    Yes a lot of good that blotchy apparition did for the true believers that attended the vigils where the Virgin Mary appeared. The appearance was in Apia, the capital of Upolu where it was untouched by the dangers of the Tsunami. There is no question as to her appearance but the fact that it was a message, a warning of the disaster that was soon to come.

    Believe whatever you want but don’t deny the fact that there is a higher power.

    Godbless the less fortunate lives that have been taken and may they rest in peace, AMEN.

    1. Jim says:

      Wait a minute there. You’re saying that an apparition in a place where the Tsunami didn’t hit was a warning that a Tsunami was going to hit somewhere else? And you’re saying that the Blessed Virgin Mary was involved in a Tsunami that killed many people?

    2. F.G. Fitzer says:

      But Toilolo, the apparition also appeared in a place where I didn’t make fun of you. That means that the apparition was a warning that I would make fun of you?

  9. Toilolo says:

    What???? Jim, where in my comment does it say “that a Tsunami was going to hit somewhere else”?? I said…..”that it was a message, a warning of the disaster that was soon to come”, whether it was in Upolu, Savaii, American Samoa…it was a disaster that was about to happen, I also said “The appearance was in Apia, the capital of Upolu where it was untouched by the dangers of the Tsunami” how did you interpret “that the Blessed Virgin Mary was involved in a Tsunami that killed many people”?? My answers to both your questions are No and No.

    Fitzer, not once did I think of you as making fun of me while I was making my comment. It was based on the last comment by J Clifford. It’s a case of what you think you know and what you don’t understand that prompts you to state such accusations. Get over yourself and you might see the light.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Yes, but Toilolo, I’m using your logic, which… sigh. Never mind. Right. Logic.

      People supposed to respond to a smudge on a wall by saying, “Goodness me! There’s going to be a tsunami!”, huh? Can you show me someone who, before the tsunami, said, “Hey, you know, there’s a smudge on the wall and the Virgin Mary is trying to warn us that there’s going to be a tsunami, so we better get ready”?

  10. kb says:

    I hope the Holy Mother isnt looking down saying “Are you calling me a pepsi bottle on the wall of a non catholic building” She could take it as an insult.

  11. kb says:

    It was hard for me to go to church the following sunday. You know why because everytime i looked at the statue of mary i would see a pepsi cola bottle. Now look!

  12. STA says:

    I’m shocked with what’s written based on the beliefs of others. I’m a very religious person and am very disturbed with the comments made on the photo. The photo is the number 3 photo; you don’t have to see to believe but then again most critics and skeptics are like that and will say anything just to feel better about themselves. You sit on your high chair ridiculing many religions esp. Catholics, what do you get out of it to Kevin; some sort of self fulfillment? or is it just your male ego that is too blind to see anything and just can’t think outside the box. I do feel sorry for your soul, because it seems like there’s nothing there but pure denial and plain stupidity to be talking the things you’ve said. I’m a strong Samoan Catholic and am NOT afraid to say that your time will come and boy will I enjoy watching your unsaved soul burn in the eternal pit of fire. It’s RELIGION not a friggin’ war to see who’s right and not. If you don’t have one and don’t believe in anything, then just KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT because you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s IGNORANT people like you that cause so much damage in this world. If we were without YOU’S then this world would be a much better place. And for those who have posted;a COKE bottle…in any Catholic Church you enter, there’s a Statue of Mary with a bouquet of flowers by the Altar or on sides of the entrance. If you can’t see that the number 3 which is the shape of the Immaculate, then you should just keep your thoughts to yourselves, because this jibberish is trash.If you can’t see it, then YOU ARE JUST NOT MEANT TO SEE IT..I don’t appreciate this trash talk about my people and our Religion. I can only feel sorry for your souls. However we perceive it leave us be don’t go meddling in things you have no knowledge of. Quit trying to sound so sophisticated with your dumb founded questions and answers. It’s a waste of anyones time. Let US believe what we Believe and if you have no beliefs at all, then get a life and find something else to occupy your time with.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      I particularly enjoy the righteous oxymoron in this part of the rant: “I enjoy watching your unsaved soul burn in the eternal pit of fire. It’s RELIGION not a friggin’ war to see who’s right and not.”

      If some people want to worship the shape of a Pepsi bottle, I favor their right to do so. Unlike some, I don’t believe that people who disagree with me deserve eternal torture.

  13. Jacob says:

    “afraid to say that your time will come and boy will I enjoy watching your unsaved soul burn in the eternal pit of fire”. I would like to see how you prove with Scripture that people burning in Hell will be viewable from heaven. I dont see where that verse is… In fact, we should be working so that as few people as possible go to Hell. God mourns people going there, it is not His desire. Why is it yours?

  14. STA says:

    To F.G. Fitzer, it is your ignorance that stirs up talk of non sense. Take it however you want to put it, but I’ll say only this much….”the only righteous oxymoron” is the part of you whining “if some people want to worship the shape of a Pepsi bottle” I said, you are too blind to see and just too ignorant to leave it alone. Keep your thoughts to yourself. And as for Jacob, you speak of the Bible and ask of where the eternal pit of fire will be, well re-read your scriptures again and refer to the book of Revelation, where the good and bad will be separated. And Yes, God does NOT like to see people suffer, yet people choose to suffer. And if you know your scriptures well to say you haven’t come across a verse, then please just read the whole book of Revelation where it will separate those who are saved and those who will suffer the wrath of God. And to those who continue sinning and denying the Lord are the first he will deny. This is all in the Bible! Just as you can’t talk sense to a fool, because a fool will remain a fool to F.G. Fitzer. I will not bother explaining myself to a fool. Any of it will not make sense to a foolish person. It is not my desire, I’m only a channel for his peace and I don’t condemn anyone to the pit of fire, forgive me, but I only speak of what’s in the Bible and I don’t dare contradict what’s written in there. If you know your Scriptures and Bible, then you should’ve known all this already to Jacob. WE can only help those who want to be helped and as for the rest it’s to the eternal pit of fire just as it has been written. Clear as day, you won’t find what you’re looking for if you don’t go looking..”When good people pray, the Lord listens, but he ignores those who are evil”. WE pray and regardless of what those skeptics say about the picture, we still pray. “Wise sayings are too deep for a stupid person to understand. He has nothing to say when important matters are being discussed”…so tell me where do these lines from Proverbs 24:22 lie about exactly what’s going on here. Of course I won’t make sense to fools like F.G. Fitzer and Kevin. They say and answer with silly questions and what not and again I quote: “Give a silly answer to a silly question, and the one who asked it will realize that he’s not as clever as he thinks”. And you ask me why is it my desire? It isn’t mine, I only repeat what’s written in the Bible. It’s not God’s desire as well, but He can’t help those who don’t ask or want to be helped. So why should I bother humbling myself to such hatred? I don’t, I fight back with only what’s written, they’re not my words. They’re directly from Scriptures. And from my point of view, I don’t wish it on anyone but to have all saved. What more can I say to defend my beliefs against those who ridicule me and my beliefs? The bad will burn and the good will be saved. It is written and has been said over and over again for many many centuries…why belittle yourself with protecting those who don’t ask for protection. “The most stupid fool is better off than someone who thinks he is wise when he is not”. “A good person who gives in to someone who is evil reminds you of a polluted spring or poisoned well”..that’s how I feel about all that’s been said in this website. I don’t give in, I fight back with what I believe in and that is GOD,the Father; Jesus, his only son; Mary, the Heavenly Mother and all the Great Saints and Martyrs and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity of the Father Son and the Holy Ghost. I don’t ask any of you to forgive me, I only ask GOD to forgive me!!

  15. Mary & Jesus Friend says:

    I just came across this website this morning and I briefly scept through it and thought to drop a comment about this subject. I am the very person that received a vision about a Tsunami hitting Samoa on the night of Friday 11th September 2009 which is the same day that people witnessed this holy Image on the Ioane Viliamu Building. It was the same day I received I an email from Medjugorie (Holy Mary’s existing appartions) advising this same date as the 11th anniversary date of Visionary Jokov since the Holy mother stopped Her daily appartions to him in Florida, USA. Three years later the Al Queda bombed the towers in New York 11 SEPTEMBER 2001.

    The coincidence of these events proved to be a warning to all Samoans to pray for a disaster coming. The Holy image appeared on the 6th Floor the highest OLDEST BUILDING of the CCCS Church in SAMOA who represents most of the Samoa population and the President of the Samoa Council of Churhes is also a member. I did not do a research on whose church denominations represents most of the Tsunami victims. But it would be interested to know.
    If you do not believe it just forget about and carry on with a more useful project in your life and do not publish this sarcastic comments about the Mother of GOD because you will never understand our faith as you were not born and raise with it.

    I am speaking from my spiritual life experiences with the MOTHER OF GOD and JESUS. And there are more messages from this HOLY image that the mortal eyes cannot see only those chosen to see and know.

    For all those who will read this I just want to advise you that the HOLY IMAGE contains writings; FAMINE, DROUGHT, FLOOD. There is another which has not being identified dus to the angle of the picture taken. Hopefully we will get another good picture to read the other one soon.

    The MESSAGE carries that we need to pray as their are more plagues coming our way but PRAYERS will EASE or AVOID such to happen. Thanks to this HOLY IMAGE that forwarns these disasters for Samoan residents, but is not for us to mock.

    May the Lord bless you all and the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you to the truths of these things if you want to know the truth.

    1. Jim says:

      Wow. Like you, this morning I received a HOLY VISION that the Dow would close over 10,000. And look! It happened! See, I am a prophet too.

  16. Hamoteine says:

    To all you non believers……..
    If I were you I would just shush my yab and think about what I’m about to say. You see I bet non of you people talking rubbish about this has actually seen this. If any of you have really seen it believe me you would’nt dare say crab about it. Oh and to think that you people are real and good christians. I don’t think so!!! Stop talking crab about the Catholics, we ain’t Fools. It may seem different and fake but if you have faith and trust in God you people wouldn’t have to make fun of this and to Mr. Jacob or whatsoever believe what you want but just a word of advice “STOP TALKING SHIT ABOUT THE CATHOLIC FAITH”

    ps: It’s pic #3 thats here in Samoa and it’s still here as to this very moment I’m posting this comment. It’s a pic of Mother Mary!!! Go Kato’z!!!!

  17. Ailam says:

    No Jim, that wasn’t a HOLY VISION that was just another one of your pathetic, cheap replies when you have nothing better to say.

    1. Jim says:

      Nothing better to say? All right, let me get literal, then. Where is the proof that she had a vision predicting a tsunami — or, rather, proof that she had claimed such a vision of a tsunami hitting BEFORE the tsunami hit? There isn’t any; I bet my beans on it, because if there were, we’d have heard all about it all over the place. She’s an internet classic.

  18. Ailam says:

    Who is “she” Jim? That’s probably all you have, is beans, so go and plant them and you might be able to climb up the bean stalk and meet the giant, thats the kind of stories you like to believe, I bet?

  19. Nevaeh says:

    honest to who??
    ii can’t believe this happened before the tsunami…
    but looking at the picture just gives me the creeps..

  20. RIDICULOUS! says:

    Unbelievable how people always goes to attack the Catholic people. Wake up everyone especially you ‘the creator of this website’… Don’t you have something else important to talk about than to talk about the Catholic Church and all the Christianities through out the world. And you who talks about ‘Mother Mary and her son Jesus Christ’; you have the nerve! How dare you, you should be ashame of yourself. The people of Samoa as like any other country in the world, have different denominations/religious, but we ALL believe in GOD. As one of our favorite quote in Samoa ‘NA FA’AVAE E LE ATUA SAMOA’ meaning ‘GOD CREATED SAMOA’; I don’t want to go on and on to all you idiots that do not believe in apparitions or visions of Mother Mary, but who gave birth to our Saviour… The one who die for you and me! Common now you idiots! The Bible does not says everything… Look around, if it wasn’t for the Catholic Church there is NO Bible. I’m too smart to inform you that, but only the idiots do not know that, even ants that crawls in back yard knows that the Catholic owns the Bible. Who did Jesus Christ formed the Catholic church upon. Who’s the first Pope of the Catholic church? Wake up you haters of the Catholic church. PETER is the First Pope… And the Bible stated…”UPON THIS ROCK, I WILL BUILT MY CHURCH” (One church, not churches!) Maybe your hot well educated with your Bible, but go back in read it until you get it all! Manuia lava le aso!

    1. Jim says:

      If the Catholic Church didn’t spend so much money, time and effort in pushing its standards on everybody, I don’t think people would “attack” the Catholic Church so much. Something to think about, “Ridiculous.”

    2. Jacob says:

      A. The devil believes in one God as well. That hets you nowhere.

      B. The Catholic church is not responsiable for us having the Bible. In fact, they killed people for translating it. Does the name Wycliff mean anything to you?

    3. Jacob says:

      And which “rock” was the pope during the great schism? There were 4 popes then. and why does the Eastern Orthodox Church claim to have the correct pope lineage? Catholic doctrine has more holes then a sponge

  21. Peace be with you all.!! says:

    Talofa to you all..i was not brought up as catholic, i was raised in methodist church.However, by listening to all you peoples comments some of you believes and non beliefs its hard to see.For MOTHER MARY APPEARANCE in Apia was really true and real.Mother Mary appeared to show about her love upon our people of samoa, which was a message given to all samoan people to prepared that her son Jesus is not too far away.In GODS WILL nobody understand it, we maybe think the tsunami hits samoa and lost our love ones was a punishment to our country, but hey!, its a message to all of us christian that the son of God is on his way soon.As for you brother Jacob, i sorry to hear that story of yours!that you dont believe in The Lord Jesus and His Holy Mother. The Holy mother of God pray for you and all people of the world for Gods mercy, yes theres a place called hell for those who are in serious of sins will remain in that fire of hell.My prayers for you hoping the HOLY SIRIT will explain it to you and you will understand all about it.
    Jacob my brother I have a message from Jesus for you to read.
    “I love to glorify them by giving you much through love above all, my own sweet glorious mother, she is your mother. Love her, speak to her often, and she will bring you to me, and for her sake, I will love and bless you more each day”.Amen
    Jacob brother believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Sprit, and you will be bless with all His graces…
    Peace of the Lord be with you….


    1. Jacob says:

      Where is that quote from? You cant quote something as from Jesus when you make it up. This line is not from Scripture, That is blasphemy. And I do believe in the Triune Godhead of Father, Son, Spirit. The quaduine God head that inculdes Mary…. no.

      Also, the Holy Spirit is in who we are brought to Christ, Scriprture makes that VERY clear. The only way for Mary to fulfill Gods role would be for her to be god as well. And she is not…

      1. F.G. Fitzer says:

        Why can’t people quote something from Jesus if they make it up? The writers of the gospels did. Biblical scripture doesn’t make anything clear.

  22. jealous says:

    You fools, think you know everything!!listen, leave catholic church alone it is HOLY, and you better stop mocking the church as you have know knoledge or understanding at all about the church.Only MUSLIM people dont believe in Jesus and Holy Mother, the mother of Jesus Christ the saviour of the world.Only the catholic has all the power to change around the sunday as were are today. Did your religion change anything at all??I dont think so!!. you are still following our footsteps as you will always do. No matter what you said its nothing that your church or beliefs will do to change the world. Only catholic with all the power as appointed and created by GOD itsef.
    As you mentioned about scripture, its that all you do is to look for answers from the bible, so without the bible you wouldnt know anything else, but let me remind you, the bible is also owned by the catholic too. Why are you so jealous and confused for nothing???there is nothing you can do about the church..Every message comes to the world its always appeared in the catholic church,why? because Jesus created his church which is Peter the first Pope,,thats is why its called catholic..Without catholic prayers, you wouldnt be here still today..Because were dont pray for ourselves but for all people of the world. Think before you talked.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Only Muslims don’t believe in Jesus and the Holy Mother? So Jews are Muslims? Hindus are Muslims? Atheists are Muslims?

      Look, if your Catholic Church really has the divine creator of the Universe and this righteous Mary babe on its side, why does it need you to defend it from little old Irregular Times?

  23. Johnny says:

    I love Jesus and Mary and I’m a proud Samoan Catholic but I’m in America and I don’t have the capacity from here to judge for myself if the image is truly supernatural or not. The Bible says that for those who have faith, no explanation is necessary and for those who do not have faith, there is no explanation.

  24. Kevin says:


    first, “The coincidence of these events proved to be a warning to all Samoans to pray for a disaster coming” why? why should Samoans pray for a disaster to happen? to kill all the sinners and pedofiles in Phuket?

    next, your god says he will laugh at people suffering in the hell he created: “Proverbs 1:26–30.
    “I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer”

    He’ll be watching laughing his ass off like it was SNL or something.

    lastly, cat-o-licks are not christians. They are led by the Whore of Babylon and their god is the fish-head god Dagon of the East. Everyone knows that.

  25. Jealous says:

    I willsay this again, stop being so jealous, you dont know nothing!!you cant judge the church and our religion you have no understanding about it all. I want you to know why we respect the holy mother, is because she is the mother of the christ, whitout the blessed mother your sin will never be forgiven. So, Mary is not a God, but she is the Mother of God who brought the saviour into the world. Jesus hmself love his mother (Mary) and her love apon all people of the world is amazing. Holy mother pray on behalf of all people thru Jesus Christ our Lord. Blessed Mother is a QUEEN of Heaven and earth and she will keep on shinning over and over until the final day of life.Now you tell how improtant your mother is to you, all of us has a mother who brought us into the world. and im sure your mother is important to you and all her good work she done in your life and family.Imagine someone say something bad to you about your mother how would you feel?? Im sure you will be disapointed and upset.Did you see the picture now?? Exactly the important of Mary in the eyes of Jesus christ, his Holy Mother is so important to him and he loved Mary more that anyone else. When your time comes, you will alway see the Holy MOTHER and how important of her in Heaven. Tell you what,there is no bullshit in the Holy Eyes of God at all,and this is our only hope this people are praying for us and our sprits to be in Heaven if you never experience that all your life, thatis my message for you, Mary mother of Jesus, Angels and Saints are all Holy people together in prayers and maybe you will have a chance in Heaven, maybe, so you dishonor and disrespect them on your ways of talking while they do things for your sake huh, this is not funny we pray for all people of the world not just my belongings, but everybody including you. World isn`t our place forever, but if you love others as you loved yourself, you will have credits

    Catholics is real, and that is christian in the world, oi by the way, Jesus that is Himself, so stop mocking Jesus, because if you mock the catholics you disrespect the Lord he made.

    Peace of the Lord be with you and and explain all and give you gracious of understanding.

    Peace out……..

  26. be careful says:

    hey kevin !!you must be a dead animal, im not sure if you were brought up from a animal or a real human. Maybe you are sick or something..;let me spell you my church is ” CATHOLIC” a holy christian church.. Look at you everyting comes out of your mouth its all about you and what you believed. Youre the one is led by whore of babylon and your God is fish-head god dagon of the east,,hahaha thats who you are the evil discussting glad to know how stubid you are fool!!. Dont even go there, point youre finger to yourself and ask my lord jesus for your forgiveness because you are nothing but sellfish..Lets see if your fish-god can protect you from the fire of hell when your soul burn in hell for ever.

    1. Jacob says:

      Mr Be Careful,

      I would look at your version of jesus (little j) as well. He apperently cant save anyone from Hell. The Catholics dont believe his blood is strong enough. Salvation is something that can be lost.

      The true Jesus Christ on the other hand is different. When He savews a soul it is forever. No man can remove his name from the book of life. No man. Look to the real Christ, not the catholic idol

      1. Jim says:

        And here’s why it shouldn’t be the government’s version to use its power and resources in the promotion of religion or religious standards: inevitably, it devolves into a spat with competing religious groups trying to stake a claim to Truth. Do you want your government to adjudicate that?

        1. Jacob says:

          So people with religious ideas should never be involved in polotics right? Athiests never fight and have different standards. never! In fact, they always agree on everything

          1. Jim says:

            Interesting how you paraphrase. That’s what you said, not what I said. The difference is important.

  27. Kevin says:


    I am not the one worshipping a guy in a dress! or kissing a graven idol..

    Jacob is right! The pope is leading all his followers to hell!

  28. be careful says:

    Kevin, you are already burning in hell..bro its simple as just relax.

  29. Kevin says:

    ha ha you people with your funny tribal myths.

    so where is this hell? do you think its boring and stupid like the greeks, or cold like the Norse? you cling to stories fit for your child-like mind.

    and where is your heaven? on the dark side of the moon so we can’t see it? or in another dimension like ni string theory?

    Kneel before the man in a dress with a funny hat and kiss his ring! your god commands it!

    ha hahahahahahhh Jacob says your christ is a pussy… you gonna let him get away with that?

  30. patrick says:

    catholic is the TRUE CHURCH from any other church….

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