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Love Mail: He Forgot the Extraterrestrial Bit

What’s in the morning love mail? Why look! It’s an e-mail from “Barry Soetoro” himself! What an honor! “Barry” writes:

There is Zero evidence this guy can be President. He is no Natural Born. Both parents were not Americans. We can now see way the Founding Fathers felt this was so important. 1.3 Billion Muslims know something you like to joke about. Why don’t you care about the Rule of Law? No, really. Really, really ask yourself.

Our “President” sure has some self-esteem problems, going online in the wee hours of the morning to cut himself down. Easy there, fella! Maybe you need to start seeing a counselor or something. I hear the White House has a pretty good health insurance package.

1.3 Billion Muslims know what kind of noise annoys an oyster?

And when did Stanley Ann Dunham become a foreigner? I guess if our “President” now admits it, it must be true. Maybe she was born in Liechtenstein or something.

One thought on “Love Mail: He Forgot the Extraterrestrial Bit”

  1. veganrampage says:

    There is Zero evidence you have an intelligence equal to hedgehog, and they are at least cute. (Jesus hates you.)

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