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Pittsburgh Protesters Hang In There

The U.S. Senate has given up on passing legislation dealing with climate change this year, and the legislation it is considering has been watered down so much that it probably won’t make enough of a difference even if it is passed. Even as President Obama lectures the world that it has to do its part to take care of global problems, the United States government is showing that it isn’t ready to do its part.

Responding to this inaction, a group of protesters jumped off a bridge in Pittsburgh, unfurling a giant banner as they did so, and hanging beneath the banner in order to keep the banner straight and legible. They were confronting the meeting of the leaders of the 20 most economically active nations on earth, taking place in Pittsburgh this week.

This protest showed the sort of courage that is missing in our elected leaders. After 16 years of inaction under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, we need climate action now, not more delay. Danger: Climate Destruction Ahead

4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Protesters Hang In There”

  1. Ginger says:

    Since when did it become “brave” to hang a banner? Has our country become so much of a military state that we’re afraid to say what’s on our minds? Political Correctness is as much as scurge on our nation and our personal psychees that it should also be rethought.

  2. Kevin says:

    since the police beat, taze and shoot people who disobey the rules, um yeah it has become brave to hang a banner.

    This started in 1967 and has only gotten worse.

    Here in NYC people were locked together in the thousands on a pier with no water or toilets for 36 hours, without charges or seeing a judge.. because…

    They may have been protesting the repub convention.

    1. Jim says:

      That, and these people jumped off a bridge and hung in the air to spread their message. Call me an acrophobe, but I think that’s pretty brave.

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