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Oil Spill Expands To Size of Vermont

offshore oil drillingIt is now the 34th day of a massive oil spill in the Timor Sea, to the north of Australia. As of a couple of days ago, the spill had spread to cover 9,870 square miles. That’s bigger than Vermont, which covers 9,615 square miles.

The thinnest part of the slick has reached the Cartier Island Marine Reserve, a biodiversity hotspot in the Indian Ocean that features coral reefs, endangered sea turtles, and sea snakes that are only found in the area.

2 thoughts on “Oil Spill Expands To Size of Vermont”

  1. Tom says:

    Just what we need!

    i’m sure it will be spun as an ocean make-over or “nothing to get ye knickers in a twist, ya sheila – ‘ave another shrimp.”

    Yawn, guess i’ll see how Tiger Woods is doin’ . . .

  2. randy ray haugen says:

    i’m overwhelmed by the blast of media coverage on this story!
    if an image of the king of pop in repose were to be formed by the oil spills perimeters CNN would be jumping all over it.

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