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Recession Gardeners Trade Plants

In an economic slump like the one we’re experiencing now, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of gasoline mowing a lawn. On the other hand, it takes a lot of money to go out to nurseries and buy plants that might be grown in the place of a lawn.

There is an ancient alternative that’s finding new energy, thanks to the ability of the Internet to connect people: Plant trading.

Neighbors have done this informally for a long time. I like a flower that my neighbor is growing, and ask for a rooting, in return for which I offer a cutting or some seeds from mine.

Now, there are plenty of web sites where gardeners can network with each other to trade plants, avoiding high nursery prices. A few such sites I’ve found this afternoon:

Dave’s Garden – one fella here has 107 varieties of day lily
Garden Web
Garden Passion
Seed Swappers
World Plant Exchange
Real Palm Trees – for palm tree enthusiasts
Carnivorous Plants Trading Posts – for green meat eaters only

Remember, the leaves may be browning, but it’s still not too late to get perennials in the ground to overwinter.

One thought on “Recession Gardeners Trade Plants”

  1. austin kincaid says:

    Surprisingly the uk economy shrank a further 0.4% between July and September (the last quarter that there are figures for), so the end of the downturn is a long way off yet – another 6 months at least i reckon, its the longest recession since records began 50 years ago and it wont be till years later the economy and property market recovers, it was’nt until the late 90’s that the property market recovered after the 89/90 recession.

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