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Democrats Join Republicans To Defeat Health Care Reform

This morning, Senator John Rockefeller proposed an amendment to the pro-insurance legislation crafted by Max Baucus. The Rockefeller amendment would have added Barack Obama’s public option back into the legislation. Unfortunately, 5 Democrats, including Baucus, joined the Republicans to defeat the amendment. The vote was:

Max Baucus No
Blanche Lincoln No
Kent Conrad No
Bill Nelson No
Tom Carper No
Charles Grassley No
Orrin Hatch No
Olympia Snowe No
Jon Kyl No
Jim Bunning No
Mike Crapo No
Pat Roberts No
John Ensign No
Michael Enzi No
John Cornyn No

John Rockefeller Yes
John Kerry Yes
Charles Schumer Yes
Jeff Bingaman Yes
Ron Wyden Yes
Debbie Stabenow Yes
Maria Cantwell Yes
Robert Menendez Yes

The 5 Democrats who defected to the Republican side to defeat Obama’s public option are: Max Baucus, Blanche Lincoln, Kent Conrad, Bill Nelson and Tom Carper. I would advise those progressives among you who care about the passage of meaningful health care reform to target these right wing, pro-insurance Democratic senators for defeat in their next elections. However, that cause will be a difficult one.

The reason for that is that most of these senators aren’t up for re-election any time soon.

Max Baucus: 2014
Tom Carper: 2012
Kent Conrad: 2012
Bill Nelson: 2012

Blanche Lincoln is the exception. She is running for re-election next year: 2010. Senator Lincoln seems like the perfect target for a progressive Democratic rebellion working to take the primary nomination from her next year.

To be realistic, however, there’s a big political road bump that could prevent such a political insurgency from gaining speed. Blanche Lincoln represents Arkansas, a state where the Democratic Party still has not shifted away from its traditional reactionary position, a stance that dates back to before the Civil War. A progressive challenge to Blanche Lincoln is more likely to come from outside the Democratic Party than from within it.

6 thoughts on “Democrats Join Republicans To Defeat Health Care Reform”

  1. Tom says:

    Now, tell me our elected officials have our best interests at heart . . . .

    They’re walking us off a cliff. How? By ignoring climate change, keeping us pinned down in wars with no exit strategies that we can’t afford anyway (both economically and with respect to our overstretched military), causing our money to be devalued to the point of being meaningless (like the currency of Zimbabwe), touting the stock market numbers while the unemployment numbers are ignored, fucking up health care so its a big win for the ruthless insurance companies (that are now going to use the law of the land to force people to buy their products – which of course lead to bankruptcy, are unaffordable to most, and aren’t honored by them anyway – or else face a stiff fine, which turns out to be the better option!) while the people are left to their own devices, by providing NO new job growth in a promised and much needed GREEN REVOLUTION, and basically by making life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness a sad joke.

    So vote ’em all out – THEY DON’T CARE. The game will go on with new (corporate selected) members OF “OUR CHOOSING” get it?

    The whole game is rigged now – all that bullshit you learned in what used to be called civics (now falsely labelled U.S. Government)is out the window! That’s how they want you to THINK it works! It’s indoctrination! The truth is far more sinister and secret (or at least it used to be before the complete collapse of the world economy – caused by Wall Street, the bankers of the world, and the the complicity of our government agencies).

    The empire is imploding, the world is out of balance, and the whole game now is to prevent mass panic for as long as possible. This may last a few years, but by about 2012 a far more clear picture will emerge of how things are going to be going forward – BLEAK, for the masses (90% of the population).

  2. They Call Me...Tim.... says:

    That’ll be December 21, 2012…..Game Over……

    1. Jacob says:

      Isnt that the date of th Aztec calender end of world theory? those are fun movies to watch…

  3. randy ray haugen says:

    wow! not much hope left after that scenario.
    well, it pisses me off even more now that the democrats (supposedly our guys) are in the drivers seat. i guess they think it’s better to drive off the cliff than be driven.

  4. Tom says:

    Follow the money Randy! Capitalism is destroying not only democracy, but the entire world.

  5. randy ray haugen says:

    i believe that, but, think of all those poor insurance brokers that would have to find real jobs if capitalism fails.

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